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Today yoga has evolved as one of the most effective ways in maintaining physical, mental, spiritual health. Although yoga was started in India, around 5000 years ago today it is not limited to just India as it is being adopted internationally. What makes yoga popular and unique from other workout and exercises is first, it not only makes an individual physically fit but also improves mental health and overall well-being. For example, Surya namaskar! Surya namaskar is one such yoga practice through which we provide salutation to the God sun, it includes 12 postures that is a complete workout for the overall body, strengthens the muscles, and breathing that is involved as we stretch benefits our mind.

Yoga also leads the way to enlightenment. The last but not the least reason is it has no side effects and innumerable benefits. They say that ‘A happy face is the sign of a healthy mind and body ’ and yoga exactly does that. Practicing yoga in the daily routine brings a charm to the face, and keeps an individual happy all the time as it gives strength and patience to face any challenges in life. Yoga includes different practices that benefit an individual in the most unique way possible and one such practice is yoga therapy.

In simplest terms, yoga therapy is a form of yoga that addresses specific problem areas that can be related to physical, mental, or spiritual. As we know today technology has made our life easy by reducing human effort and as we know a coin has two faces. With positive benefits everything comes with its after-effects too and the same thing happened with technology too. Due to our professional work, our interests, and for various reasons we are so much addicted to a smartphone, television, or laptops that we can’t imagine our lives with it. What we fail to understand is that sitting hours together without any motion causes adverse effects to our mind and body. This is the reason yoga therapy is important. If you are unable to practice any type of physical activity in your routine and are facing any kind of health, mental issues it is recommended to go for a yoga therapy session. Yoga therapy is not different from yoga as it also includes asanas, meditation, breathing exercises. We can say that yoga is a more generic term. Yoga therapy will be a personalized session where you can tell your problems to the therapist. A yoga therapist is an expert who knows how to address your problems. A yoga therapist will analyze your problems and will recommend specific asanas to overcome the issue for example if you are having neck pain then there are particular exercises like rotating the neck slowly clock, anti-clockwise, and a few more that provide blood circulation in that area and reduces the pain. A yoga therapist is aware that each person is different and the ability of a person depends on their immunity, strength. Hence they recommend the asanas accordingly. Online Yoga Therapy Classes.

Let us know which are the yoga therapy exercises and how they would benefit the overall well-being.

Yoga therapy exercises for health issues.

  1. For lower back pain: As mentioned earlier because of immobility the most common problem we face is neck and back pain issues. For lower back pain you can practice the forward bend or uttanasana. Lower back pain is usually caused by tight hamstrings. Bending forth as much as you can, will make the hamstring flexible and reduce back pain.
  1. Thyroid issues: One of the most common problems usually found in women is the thyroid. The Thyroid is usually caused due to an imbalance in hormones and one can have issues like neck swelling, hair loss, depression, etc. To cure this there are 2 asanas halasana/plough pose, matsyasana/fish pose. Both exercises provide stretching to the neck and stimulate thyroid glands.
  1. Arthritis: Another common problem that was earlier seen only in old age people but now is common for the mid-age people is arthritis. This is caused due to pain in the joints. People who are suffering from this often find difficulty in sitting, standing immediately. To cure this one can practice balasana/child pose, Adho Mukha Svanasana/ Downward facing dog pose. This stretches and straightens the spine thus giving relief from joint pains.
  1. Indigestion: People who have issues like acidity, gastric problems usually feel uncomfortable after eating the food. They have to be very selective in what they are eating as they have digestion issues. To cure this you can try a seated twist/ ardha matsyendrasana. This will stimulate the digestive organs and provide a gentle massage to the internal organs.
  1. Anxiety/ depression: One of the issues that people find to even talk about is depression. People suffering from this usually have an emotional breakdown and tend to get negative thoughts. To overcome this one can practice the Tree pose (vrksasana). This pose will calm the mind and improve focus/concentration and helps to find clarity in our minds.

Conclusion: Apart from the above-mentioned benefits yoga therapy also includes breathing exercises, meditation, and other asanas that will cure any issues we are facing.

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