Write to Flourish, Calm Down and Be Positive

Write to Flourish, Calm Down and Be Positive


Writing is a great tool for appeasement, for fighting ruminations and daily stress. The pen can help us tame our torments.

It allows you to calm down, to channel your ideas, which generates a positive impact on our mental and physical well-being. Writing helps heal our soul. Just that!

Writing allows you to let go, to find yourself, to heal yourself, to testify, to tell, to complain, and to clarify our mind. We do ourselves good by writing, we connect, we have fun, and we progress! In short, we are thriving!

“Write to flourish and enjoy”

Florence Servan-Schreiber, journalist and specialist in positive psychology, wrote this book, “ Bloum! Write to blossom and enjoy published by Marabout.

“Writing is not only expressing oneself, but also transforming”, announces Florence Servan-Schreiber. Writing leads to a rejuvenating and necessary inner journey. Writing is an accessible, powerful and essential therapy. In short, an accessible and beneficial therapy!

Writing is a real act of health!

Writing allows you to let go, to find yourself, to heal yourself, to testify, to tell, to complain, to clarify your mind. You do yourself good by writing: you connect, you have fun, you progress… and you blossom!

You can get started in writing without excessive ambition, without complexes and without stress. You are alone in front of yourself, without outside gaze or judgment.

Writing brings an intense well-being, which you will rarely experience in other practices. Writing is by no means reserved for an elite, contrary to what everyone may think. It is a limiting thought to think of this.

Getting down to writing can be a slow process, but it is joyful. In any case, by writing, you will lighten your life. You don’t have to write a novel to experience writing satisfaction. How to create a Wikipedia page for an Artist.

If you wait for the divine flame to begin, nothing will come out of your pen. As Florence Servan-Schreiber says in the attached video, “ you have to kick your ass”.

Writing intimidates, because everyone immediately thinks of the great authors of classical literature, with reference to good or bad memories of school.

Formulate what your head tells you, tells you, repeats you. While writing, you come out by a physical gesture, your thought by your hand, all your negative thoughts or your rehashing. Things need to come out of your body and your mind to move on to be resolved. If you put it all down on paper, it will be easier for you to feel lighter.

It takes as much discipline to start writing as it does to take up a sport. You have to do it a number of times to start experiencing some benefit.

In the uncomfortable and sometimes tormented times that our societies are living, writing heals. You can write alone in your corner, but you can also share this creative impulse with others, in a writing workshop for example.

Write to Calm Down

Writing greatly reduces your stress. There is no magic wand to dispel the tension in you. Stress is an integral part of our daily lives, and it is up to everyone to find the techniques to best relieve themselves and move forward.

Stress is a healthy, natural reaction of your body. It prepares you for action. But, you can’t always take action to chase that adrenaline rush. It is urgent to calm your life, to be able to tackle all the changes, in particular which will take place in our societies in the years to come.

Reading is one of the best stress relievers out there. Reading for just 6 minutes a day is scientifically proven to reduce stress by 60%. But, writing, even for a few minutes every day, reduces our stress by 70%.

Taking the time to write is an important step. It sends a strong signal to your mind. Who still takes the time these days to get back to what is essential? Your well-being is essential, right? So take the time to really write!

Writing will take you 5 to 10 minutes a day. Forget about spelling and grammar. You are no longer at school. The goal is to write, quite simply. Write without judgment, without fear and without doubt!

6 writing exercises for better being

The 1st exercise consists in writing down on the paper what is wrong, everything that you ruminate in thought, and everything that is on your heart. When you write about what’s wrong, you take some of the weight off your shoulders. Wikipedia writers for hire it’s like confiding in someone.

Writing is good. It frees!

By writing, you also take stock. Because, it is often difficult for you to say exactly what is stressing you. It’s confused in your head. Writing allows you to put words into what is holding you back in your life.

Writing allows you to take a step back from things, your life, others. You will find that it is not that bad. Do this exercise as many times as needed!

The 2nd exercise is to write about what is going on in your life. You will write down anything you feel grateful to be alive for, anything that makes you smile, anything that keeps you hopeful, that makes you smile, what you love about your day-to-day, your moments of grace.

It is a powerful exercise. Writing about what is going on in your life will make you feel stronger, happier. Memory is selective and focuses more easily and at length on the negative in your life. Bring the positive back into the present to start your evolution!

The third exercise consists of writing about what you have to do: an appointment, a household task that you put off forever, a file that does not progress at work, a project that is close to your heart?

You need to establish your priorities and formulate them in order to see clearly and move forward. Action is the best stress reliever. Take it step by step. Pick just one of your priorities and write it down and it will start to take shape in your head.

The 4th exercise consists of telling yourself beautiful things in writing. Write a quote that you like, several times so that it is imprinted on you. As I said before, the mind prefers to send negative messages. This is how it works. Do the opposite and write beautiful sentences until they make a lasting impression on your brain, like a mantra you might repeat to yourself.

The 5th exercise is to write a letter to reduce your stress. When you feel that someone near or at work is getting on your nerves and you can’t or don’t want to talk about it, write a letter to that person including everything you have to say to them, what you have about them. the heart, what you do not understand, what you would like and what you want for it. When you are done you will be released from a weight and you will burn this letter.

You cannot change others in any way, but you can change your view of others. You alone have control over your life. So, don’t let others poison you like this! You can react, by writing, calmly and free yourself from this weight which devours you!

Putting your feelings down on a piece of paper will help you put your mind in order and take a step back from that person. This will prevent you from thinking over and over again. It is very bad for your health!

The 6th exercise is to let your creativity run free. There may be times when you find yourself feeling cramped in your life, finding that you lack a bit of magic.

So take a piece of paper, a book you open at random, or a page from the internet and write down the first word you see. From this word, and in 5 minutes, write a short story, what comes to your mind, what makes you laugh or cry, or fear.

This exercise may confuse you at first, for lack of habit. But, let yourself be surprised. You have a lot more resources in you than you think!

As a conclusion

Writing certainly helps to absorb tensions. Stress is a sworn enemy of our health. The evolution of the world at the moment is not made to decrease it.

We can live better by deciding it and writing just a few minutes a day. The simple act of writing is intensely liberating, I can assure you.

Writing is also a simple way to meet yourself. It is an accessible way to say and accept what we dare not admit to ourselves.

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