Best Material for Bathtubs

Why Is Acrylic the Best Material for Bathtubs?


Choosing the best material for your bathtub is important for aesthetics, as well as There, is a lot of thought and consideration that goes into building or renovating a bathroom. Although better looks and aesthetics are a priority, people don’t want to compromise the durability of bathroom fixtures.

Speaking of durability, nothing beats the strength and lavishness acrylic bathtub fixtures bring in a bathroom. The heavenly chemistry of acrylic material and bathtubs is no secret. The sleek and elegant appearance and sturdy structure of acrylic bathtubs have helped acquire a larger customer base across many countries.

What are the Acrylic Standard Bath?

Acrylic tubs are manufactured from plastic as a major constituent, and Fiberglass is also added for more durability and strength. They are made by applying an acrylic finish to a fiberglass tub.

However, Fiberglass is a porous substance, so it can absorb water regularly, causing deformation and a shorter life expectancy. To avoid this, acrylic sheets are layered on top, acting as a barrier between the water and the bathtub itself, so an acrylic bathtub is no longer porous.

The Distinctive Features of Acrylic Standard Bath

A corner Standard bath is normally 60 inches long, 60 inches broad, and 22 inches tall. However, because Acrylic is both versatile and economical, high diversity in the shapes is also available, which helps to install at various places in bathrooms without breaking the bank. Acrylic tubs are available in a wide range of colors, are also more resistant to fissures and hard strikes, and, quite significantly, are impermeable substances.

Advantages of Acrylic Standard Bath

  • Acrylic tubs provide a variety of benefits, including texture, tolerance to fracturing and splitting, and resistance to fungus and corrosive chemicals. 
  • Durability, maintenance, appearance, heat resistance, weight, and cost are the detrimental factors in choosing material for bathtubs. All these characteristics remain evident in acrylic bathtubs.
  • The most glaring plus point is the light weightiness which enables it to adjust in every type of washroom.
  • Acrylic tubs are lightweight as compared to cast extremely hefty iron tubes. Heavier tubs often necessitate additional floor support.  Some upper-story bathrooms may be unable to sustain a cast iron tub effectively due to high weight, so acrylic tubs are more commensurate.
  • High diversity in the shapes and size allows to easily fit anywhere in the bathroom.  The surfaces are perfectly smooth, velvety, and pleasant to the touch.
  • Similarly, insolation toward cold or hot makes it the best and most comfortable material for bathtubs. So, heat retention makes it a better choice for bathtubs. Acrylic tubs also hold heat and prevent from getting cold.   
  • Acrylic is a material that is available in various colors, making it possible the availability in various colors. However, the most popular choice baths remain the gloss white and off white, which is usually considered a standard bathtub color. 
  • Acrylic tubs are easily repairable. With the help of an acrylic tub repair kit, you can easily repair any fracture. They are relatively easier to take care of, though they do need more consistent upkeep than other composites.
  • When comparing the advantages of acrylic baths with Fiberglass, you will notice that these are pretty much similar. But Acrylic is still preferred due to its sturdiness. Moreover, it can withstand wear and tear for more time in comparison to Fiberglass. That’s why it is becoming a popular choice despite being a bit more costly than it.  

Note: One thing you should keep in mind is that acrylic bathtubs have a delicate surface that is easily scratched by aggressive cleaners. But it’s very simple to clean and maintain.

In addition to advantages, there are a few downsides of acrylic baths: they are prone to scratches and discoloration over time. Although, it will take more time for it in comparison to Fiberglass. There is now better-quality Acrylic being produced, making these issues less problematic. Moreover, for some people, the overall look of Acrylic may not feel attractive. Therefore, if you are looking for a luxurious looking bathtub, you should look for other high-end materials. Thought, Acrylic in gloss finish is a reasonable choice too. 

Last Words

In a nutshell, we can say that Acrylic is useful material according to durability, maintenance, appearance, heat resistance, cost, and lightweight. Moreover, it also retains heat keeping the water warm for a longer period of time. Therefore, if you are looking for a bathtub option that is easier to install and can withstand wear and tear in the long term, then Acrylic should be your top choice. Based on all the above merits, Acrylic is the best material for bathtubs in the market.

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