Commercial Solar Power System

Why I Decided To Get A Commercial Solar Power System In Brisbane


When I was in Brisbane, I was really happy with the way my life was going. It was great. I had a company of my own that I ran in Brisbane, and it was wonderful. 

My employees enjoyed coming to work and I can say that I was thrilled at having such a good life. This, until I received the first electricity bill of the company. I was shocked that it was high. 

I thought I could perhaps let it go on for another month and see. Well, the bills kept rising and so did my blood pressure. 

That is when a friend suggested going in for a commercial solar power system in Brisbane

Solar Spirit – a company that provides all services and products powered by solar energy, was my choice. 

I got the professionals to come over and give my office space a once-over. They explained how the solar panel installation in Australia would work. 

  •  A commercial or residential solar power system in Brisbane is comprised of certain components.
  • The solar panels absorb the energy from the Sun. The photovoltaic cells in the panels start flowing causing electricity to be generated. 
  • The electricity goes into the inverter.
  • Solar batteries in Brisbane store the excess electricity that is produced, so that it can be used on a rainy day. 

Solar panel installation in Australia is a fantastic move

Solar panel installation in Australia

What’s stopping you from going in for solar panels in your home or office space? 

I was relieved once the installation of the solar panels was done. Here’s why:

  • Green power is the future whether you believe it or not. 
  • These days load shedding is becoming so common, it is important to have a backup power supply. 
  • My electricity bill was significantly less the months after I had the solar panel installed. This accounted for around 60% less. 
  • I felt good after taking this step. We should all be moving towards doing our bit for the planet. 
  • Residential & commercial solar panels in Brisbane are becoming increasingly common. 

The magic of the solar batteries in Brisbane

The beauty about the solar batteries is that it stores excess electricity that is produced. 

Now, this was a boon for my company. We were actually producing so much excess power that we could sublet it to other companies! 

We stood to gain from this in terms of revenue and friends! 

Today my company has made it to the headlines of some of the biggest newspapers

It all began with a spiked electricity bill. Can you believe it?

I am proud to be a part of this green movement and am thrilled to share it with you. 

Solar Spirit, thanks for being supporting through this entire phase. Right from the installation, the maintenance, the follow-up checks, and giving their expert advice, Solar Spirit was there throughout. 

Thanks, guys!

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