Flight Tracking

Who Would Use Applications for Flight Tracking?


Flight tracking apps are only one of the iPhone’s several thousands of apps available. With aviation being such an immense part of our lives, it’s no wonder people are always looking and dreaming of where they saw ‘that’ airplane.

Thankfully, you’ll do just that with a flight tracking app and lose your head in the clouds. But what kinds of individuals would want to use applications for flight tracking? Are these applications for the prevalent plane spotters only or for the everyday individual? This paper discusses a few individuals who may also be users of the app and why.

Spotters of the Plane

Starting with the foremost obvious here; the individuals who care about specifics are eagle-eyed aircraft enthusiasts. They need to know what model aircraft flight tracking are flying, where their destination started, at what altitude or speed it is flying, and what route it is flying.

All of this information is available on an iPhone app, so as soon as you look up, you’ll actually get to the bottom and search your information! If there is something that deviates from the information you have been given, you can correct the information and upload it to the rest of the web community.


There are several reasons why families would want to have a flight tracking app, whether it’s a father teaching his son about airplanes, or parents monitoring their child’s flight. While there may also be some delay in providing the information, parents may roughly assume that the aircraft can provide them with a way of safety until they expect their children to land. Alternatively, kids with a strong interest in aviation would like to fly with their father, courtesy of his iPhone application, as described.

Flight Colleges / Teachers

They would also be useful in a structured environment if they build on the concept of using flight tracking apps as an academic tool. This is also quite true for flight schools that educate young pilots on flight paths, and also inside the sky’ lanes’ concepts.

For safety reasons, anyone traveling internationally would probably have to be mindful of the map in the sky. Once again, they could even search the planes in their spare time.

When there is an occasion like an earthquake, it’s interesting as a flight monitoring app can show you what’s going on around the globe in the airspace.

Thanks to monitoring the location of aircraft, flight tracking is an easy thing. Often, this is achieved by tracing an aircraft’s precise route.

The Flight Tracker can be a software tool that provides an airline flight with an immediate status. Flight monitoring is also easily connected to remote PCs, so dispatching and briefing areas can be segregated if needed. For entities of all sizes, such as airlines and logistics firms, airline flight monitoring has helped to improve scheduling and operational forecast effectiveness. Not only has this improved preparation performance, but with shorter rotation times, one can also expect enhanced customer support.

To watch or track aircraft, air traffic controllers use flight-tracking strips. A flight tracking strip may be a screen printout of the shortened flight plan of an aircraft used by traffic controllers to watch the flight of an aircraft. This information database system also recognizes all other flights originating from nearby airports by specifying the specific flight path that aircraft operators use while flying. The flight tracks are created from radar data from the Federal Aviation Administration Traffic Control System, which provides the “footprints” of the aircraft in the sky.

For individuals, whether professionals or home users, with a particular interest in aircraft, airline flight tracking has been made easy and is reasonably priced. By simply downloading this program on your PCs, they can use this technique. With just a simple internet connection, airplane enthusiasts can get information about any airport and track flights throughout the world. By only entering their tracking number, it is simple to trace flights.

The method of communicating air observations and strategic data information between command and control systems or between services within the systems is track telling.

Radar-based flight monitoring, which is not to track aircraft by conventional type and technique. Worldwide, this tracker is used. It is also classified as ground based monitoring and frequency tracking as well. Basically, this device uses the radar concept, which uses the properties of radio waves for tracking and communication purposes. Additionally, traffic control towers designed to emit radio waves at a selected frequency are referred to as ground-based stations. The radio waves emitted will pass and bounce off the aircraft, which will then fly down to the bottom. To figure out the gap between the plane and the ATC tower, the sum between the transmitted and received waves is used.

Flight tracking is one of the numerous software applications designed to act as a real time flight tracker with the use of Google Earth. In addition to Google Earth itself, this application uses 3D graphics alongside algorithms to provide you with a transparent view of the current flight position, its route also as flight data such as destination, estimated time of arrival and time of departure, distance, etc.

The assessment of information also requires satellite based flight monitoring (time and position). What makes this tracker special is that satellites perform any operation carried out to trace the aircraft. Satellite tracking is able to remove a number of drawbacks faced by trackers operating on the ground.

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