What Types of Hair Dye Is Best For You?


What Types of Hair Dye Is Best For You?

Are you looking forward to dyeing your hair? While going for hair dye, you might get confused which type of hair dye is good for me. Well, there are

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Are you looking forward to dyeing your hair? While going for hair dye, you might get confused which type of hair dye is good for me. Well, there are a lot of hair dye options available to choose from. Based on your hair type and need, you should go for the hair color. It’s important to know about the different hair color so that you won’t regret later.

For getting a high quality and wonderful hair color, you should book your appointment with an online salon booking app. So that you don’t have to interact with people and also don’t need to wait in long queues. Before going to the salon, make sure you have a clear idea about what type of hair color you want. So, here are all the types of hair color to choose from one of them.

  1. Permanent hair color

If you are looking for a hair color that would last long, then permanent hair color is best for you. This hair dye requires more deep penetration and chemical processing that lasts for a long period such as a few months. This helps to lighten, darken and color the hair strands and gives high coverage for grey hair. Since this lasts long but when new hair growth starts, you have to repaint the hair color. Based on your base color and what hair color you want, you have to gradually color your hair to achieve desired style.

  1. Semi-permanent hair color

When you want to enhance your temporary look, this hair color helps you. It lasts upto 8 washes depending on the product you used and also contains no ammonia that means no damage for your hair. For covering your grey hair, this hair color is a better choice to go with. This hair color has numerous benefits, it helps to give your hair shine and luster, improves hair texture, it helps to provide temporary root touchup and is great to use when growing the permanent hair color. This is not a very long term commitment.

  1. Demi-permanent hair color
What Types of Hair Dye Is Best For You?

Demi-permanent hair color is one of the easiest and most effective hair colors. It gives your hair a beautiful shine and smoothness. Those who have dark hair color, it provides extra highlight and shine. This hair color is in between the permanent and semi-permanent hair color. It lasts upto 8-24 shampoos and contains no ammonia. Also, cover your grey hair completely without making extra effort.

  1. Temporary hair color

As the name says it’s a temporary hair color. It won’t last long, and also doesn’t give an extreme color to hair. It’s ideal for those who have grey hair and want to cover them. It’s extremely helpful in covering the grey hair strands and makes your hair shiny and silky. This only coats out in the outer layer of hair that’s why results don’t last long. Gives your hair a more natural look rather than any highlighted and bold color.

  1. Highlights

The most popular and common hair dye preferred by most people is highlights. It gives a stylish look rather than coloring all the hair strands. This helps to color the different segments of the hair that promote depth, tone and shade. However, you can play with the look to keep a more stylish look. There are a lot more options available when it comes to highlighting, you need to ask your salon team members about the different shades and styles of highlighting hair. From black to white, almost all shades are available.

  1. Root color

Root hair dye is basically for the grey hair. Despite coloring all the hair strands, in this type of hair type only the grey roots are colored. The good news is there are permanent as well as temporary hair colors available. You can choose according to your needs. In temporary hair color, hoar color spray helps to conceal the grey strands of your hair. This only lasts long for the next shampoo that means you have to color it again and again. However, permanent hair color lasts long. 

  1. Hair bleach

Hair bleach means to lighten up your natural hair color. If you have a very dark hair color, then you should try this hair dye to lighten your strands. It’s better when you want to go for a permanent or temporary hair color. However, bleaching your hair leads to hair damage, so it requires a lot of work and taking care of hair after bleaching.

  1. Gloss

For making your hair a little bit tint and maintaining your natural hair shade, this hair dye is a go to option. Based on your hair color, you should choose the hair color that matches your natural hair. It leaves your hair shiny, smooth and vibrant looking. Basically, this hair dye helps to give a shine and luster to your hair that is looking dull, dry and damaged due to pollution and dirt.

  1. Henna(Mehandi)

One of the popular and natural hair dye that gives your hair a beautiful shine and also covers the grey hair. It gives a reddish hue color and provides vibrancy to your hair. If you have sensitive skin, this won’t cause skin irritation and itchiness. This also helps to prevent dandruff, if you are suffering with dandruff and itchy scalp. This doesn’t damage your hair, even make it healthy and strong.


These are the best hair dyes available out there for every hair type and need. You can choose any of them to try out how it looks. Make sure to ask your salon artist so that you wouldn’t regret later.

For exploring these hair dyes, you have to visit the salon because trying out by yourself can be risky. In this pandemic, you should book your appointment with online salon booking so that you don’t need to interact with people. It also provides zero waiting time. You only have to book the appointment with the desired listed salon and visit there at a given time. It is that simple.
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