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What Is Video Marketing? Social Media & Video Marketing Benefits

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What is Social Media Video Marketing?

Do you know what is Video Marketing? You all know about marketing. In the coming times, digital marketing is proving to be very effective in place of traditional marketing.

Video marketing is additionally a piece of Digital marketing. Getting the help of videos has become an easy and effective medium for marketing any product or brand.

Social media collaboration in particular has played an important role in promoting the new trend of video marketing. And you know that after the introduction of cheap 4G networks, everyone has come online.

So today I am going to talk to you about the same topic which is what is  Video Marketing? How is video marketing better than traditional marketing? What is the benefit of  Video Marketing? If you also want to know that How to do Video Marketing  So read this article till the end.

Digital / Video Marketing

Digital / Video Marketing

First of all we know what is Digital Marketing? After this we will talk about what is Video Marketing?

You will know about our traditional marketing. Mostly we advertise in paper. If your budget is slightly higher then big hoardings have been installed. This is how we market our product / service.

At the same time, in digital marketing we promote our product or service online. We can make a promotional post in a big YouTube channel or Instagram account or Facebook page with more followers.

Now if you have a question, which is better in digital marketing versus traditional marketing? So digital marketing is very clear, because today everybody is coming online.

Also, in traditional marketing, you do not have a result analysis report on how many people know about your product from that advertisement. But in digital marketing you get a complete report of how many people clicked on your website number, signed-up.

In this way, if you focus on digital marketing, you can do a lot of marketing in today’s time.

What is Video Marketing

Have you understood what Digital Marketing is? And how is it different from traditional marketing? Now we talk about what is Video Marketing? With this how can you reach your product or service to as many people as possible?

So like I told you that in digital marketing we advertise through posts on social media sites like facebook, instagram, in the same way in video marketing we make videos.

Whatever your product / service is, make a small promotional video about it and promote it in online media is video marketing.

Future of What is Video Marketing?

Video Marketing

Now you must have understood very well what is video marketing? In the current era, video marketing is being increasingly adopted for marketing any product.

Live streaming, interactive 360 ​​videos to reach consumers today have become an integral part of marketing to learn augmented reality.

The year 2018 was an exciting year for video marketing, during which we have seen the video trend on Facebook growing rapidly.

Even Google has started to show the video content at the top of the search. As a result, other social media channels have also fully embraced the rise of video content.

This is the reason that 2019 is seen as a potential year of continuous growth in video marketing. This means if you also spend in video marketing in addition to traditional marketing, then your business will reach the amount soon.

What Is the Trend of Video Marketing?

Most marketing companies have realized how accessible and effective this medium of marketing is. In such a situation, it is but natural that a new technology or platform will emerge in the marketing world.

There are no two opinions that the answer to the questions these days is yes. It is clear that the future of video marketing in any field is very encouraging and the world is growing rapidly in video content.

Ever since the JIO 4G network arrived in India, everyone has unlimited internet data to watch videos. People who previously used to browse only on Google, are now watching videos on YouTube.

I am a YouTuber, you also spend most of your time on YouTube. So from this point, you can guess in which direction is the trend of video marketing going?

Social Media vs Video Marketing

Video Marketing

If you don’t know then video marketing is already a mainstay of facebook. Due to the algorithm and rising prices, Instagram can set new records in this field.

Recently, Instagram is moving fast in this direction with its neighboring programs. Instagram has many new and creative ways in the field of video marketing.

Instagram has started a new tradition in this direction by incorporating video marketing in its stories. And there is no need to speak about YouTube.

LinkedIn has also started offering sponsored video content on its platform. LinkedIn has the potential to attract future customers in the direction of B2B marketing, as the visitors here are already of professionalism. In such a situation, it can prove to be a good platform for creative advertisements.

Since video advertising on LinkedIn will be more obvious than other social platforms running ads, publishing compelling and converting video content is much more necessary here.

What Is Social Media Video Marketing

Social Media Video Marketing

With the increasing video content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram, etc., there are new experiments in the world of video marketing.

New plans and possibilities of video advertising will emerge in the direction of such advertising and brand building. In this way, all the social media sites of YouTube are being maintained in this direction.

Opportunities of Video Marketing 

When Netflix introduced the mail-order video service, no one could guess what would happen next. Within a few years Netflix became a powerhouse for video content.

Netflix is ​​no longer just a streaming service, but has become an established production studio. With the introduction of services like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Hot Star, besides Netflix, there is no denying the possibility that internet video content will outstrip traditional television content in the future.

Video Marketing has its benefits

Now we talk about what is the benefit of Video Marketing? So let me tell you that advertising on streaming services has many benefits.

Advertising here is less expensive than other traditional mediums. Advertising content is easy to create for these platforms.

Here it is easy to reach the target customer, because the favorite programs of the viewer appear one by one on his screen.

Traditional Marketing vs Video Marketing

With the advent of social media platforms, making video content has not only made it easier, but due to this it has also become easier to reach the customer.

This medium makes you stand in front of the customers directly. Where you can reach your customers very easily everyday and a community can influence them.

Till 20 years ago, there was no such platform where such a large number of people could be spent together without spending money. This platform also gives new or small businessmen the same opportunity that an established or big brand gets here.

In such a situation, not only can you give competition to the biggest body, but you can also defeat it. So I request you to also step in video marketing.

Popularity of Video Marketing

Popularity of Video Marketing
  • According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IMAI), in June 2018, the number of Internet users in India has crossed 500 million. 60 percent of internet consumers are youth.
  • Youngsters spend the most time on the internet watching entertainment related videos and videos on social networking sites. This can be gauged by the fact that billions of billions of videos go to Facebook everyday.
  • Users spend 88 percent more time on a website that contains video content.
  • Video content is shared 12 percent more than written content or photos.
  • The shorter the video, the more the user.
  • In 2018, 79 percent of total Internet users were video watchers.
  • Users using this change have a 97 percent higher chance of viewing and purchasing code on video content than any other medium.

Conclusion: What is Video Marketing?

So friends! Just here, the complete information about video marketing. I hope this artistic social media digital video marketing will suit you.

And now you must have understood very well what is video marketing? Are video marketing phased compared to traditional marketing?

What is video marketing? How to do a Video marketing except traditional marketing If you do not have any questions related to this, please comment below. If you want to read similar and technical blogs, you can follow us.

This is it for now, I will get on with a new topic soon. Keep reading… keep going…

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