What Is The Best Survival Knife For Adventurists?


There are all kinds of tools that we use every day to make our lives easier. Knives are undoubtedly one of the handiest tools we can use that help us in various ways. But there actually are multiple other reasons to use them other than how we normally utilize them. It might seem strange but knives are also quite handy outside the kitchen and the domestic sphere. If you are into various outdoor activities, you will realize that knives are a great resource where there are limitations. In the wilderness, you have to brave the elements to make sure you get all help you can to stay afloat. That is why there are special survival knives created for all kinds of rough use in the wild. 

If you are looking for the best survival knife, there are multiple avenues you can discover. You can check out your local sports stores that source mountaineering and camping equipment. There are plenty of options to choose from and each can fit your use accordingly. The best survival knife in the market right now is the Survivor 8 Inch Fixed Blade Knife With Fire Starter. It has a super durable black stainless steel blade and a fire starter to go along with it. No matter what kind of activities you have planned, this knife will get you through them easily. It comes with its own sheath so it’s also protected from wear and tear when used repeatedly. 

The Actual Usage Of Survival Knives

It is clear, of course, that survival knives are good for outdoor activities. But the term survival covers a whole lot of different kinds of things that can happen and how to deal with them. They are named such because a lot of people are now getting into basic survival training. They learn to live off of natural resources, sourcing food from the wild and building shelters. It stems from the belief that we may actually need these skills in the future due to the climate crisis. Naturally, learning to use these knives effectively to survive in the cold, heat, rough, and dangerous environment is crucial.

Other than impending disaster situations, survival knives are also quite useful to people in extreme regions. Whether they live in the desert or in the arctic, a good blade is essential for sourcing food and making shelters. Other than that, when anyone goes camping in remote areas, carrying any tools is not an option. Survival knives are built to cut the toughest materials like ropes and wood and also have other tools. They often come with fire starter kits as mentioned above so you can stay warm and food cook in the wild.

Then there are some survival knives that are huge and meant for extreme adventurists. Anyone who trots around in the wilderness knows that there are all sorts of obstacles you have to look out for. You need larger blades that can clear paths and cut through vine and brambles when you hike. You also have to keep something close in case of a wild animal attack to protect yourself. As an added advantage of course, the more multipurpose a blade is the more useful it can give you. 

The Types Of Survival Blades You Will Find 

When you are surveying the market for the best survival weapons, you will find multiple types of blades. You can always choose the kind of weapon you are comfortable using since there are many options. In a broader term, you will find survival knives to be quite handy. When you are looking in your local stores, here are some common blades you will come across.

  • Fixed Blade Survival Knives 

Of course, there is no surprise in the fact that the strongest blades you will get are fixed blades. That means that the edge of the knives is firmly embedded into their handles so they don’t budge. In the case of hard-hitting survival training, your only tool has to be as strong and durable as possible. Fixed blades are more sturdy and they can endure repetitive use for a long time. Within the fixed blade category you will find all sizes of knives that might work for you.

  • Boot daggers

Even though they’re used in multiple other activities as well, boot daggers are essentially outdoor knives. But the whole point of a boot dagger is that it is small enough to fit in your boot when you can’t carry too much stuff. They are small fixed blade knives that measure around 5-7 inches in total. They have sheaths that you can attach to your shoes and keep your hands free until you need them.

  • Machetes

On the other end of the spectrum, you have machetes that are typically between 12-16 inches long in total. They have long, flat, and sleek blades that are ideal for chopping, slicing, and fighting. Even though they have been in use in agricultural societies for decades, they are also good survival knives. They can cut through brambles and roots to clear your path. They are also quite ideal for hunting and building shelters in the wilderness. 

Where To Find The Best Fixed Blades Survival Knives 

We may have only mentioned one so far but adventurists can find dozens of impressive blades in the market. The key is that survival blades have to be durable and multifunctional and there is a whole list of good blades. But you might have trouble finding good options in your local stores, so turn to the internet.

Online knife stores are your best resource for cool survival knives for all thrill-seekers. Anyone who prizes their experiences beyond anything else will love to have an array to choose from. Knife Import is an online knife store that has an immensely impressive survival knife collection. They specialize in wholesale knives for resale so you spend less and get more value out of them. For anyone looking to use or collect amazing knives, this is the place to be. Knife Import will have what you are looking for without spending extra money or energy. 

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