What Is Google AMP and Is It Important for SEO?

What Is Google AMP and Is It Important for SEO?

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With more and more users operating the websites on mobile devices, it is imperative to optimize the mobile website loads quickly. If Google finds your page loading slowly and having high bounce rates, they will rank it significantly lower in SERPs.

We know it is essential to speed up our mobile website and make it well optimized, but it is not easy. We have to work on servers, pop-ups, and images to maintain the layout and speed. 

What is Google AMP?

Google launched an accelerated mobile page(AMP) in 2016. It is an open-source web-based solution that was designed to revolutionize mobile content.

The AMP version of a page, landing page, website, or blog post loads very quickly. There is an AMP lighting symbol present, with the result ensures to users that the page will load very quickly.

The pages with google amp load very fast and use eight times fewer data than the naturally optimized pages. It is an open-source framework that will make your experience not just better but memorable. So all those companies who want to improve their metrics and boost performance should implement AMP. 

Why Are AMP Pages important for Seo?

Let’s understand the importance of using the AMP pages in business. 

Here are some essential points that you should keep in mind-

AMP is useful for the publisher’s website, which has many blogs and articles. It will make them load faster. 

If you use the CDN, you should use AMP pages because this page loads slowly and leaves very lousy performance. 

Google AMP will help you improve the aspects of a page under google’s core web robust algorithms. It can be one of the ways to optimize your website performance. 

If your mobile version of the website is already well-optimized, don’t use AMP because it will affect your monitoring and performance. 

Optimizing your website for performance and speed is essential, and google AMP is one right way to do it. 

  • Increases Website Engagement

If someone has a low and not-so-table internet connection, then the lightweight AMP pages will suit more. If the page loads very slowly, it will have a bad user experience, and the person will go back from your website. If the page loads faster, then it will increase the chances of user engagement with your content. 

  • Improves Ranking and Traffic to Website

Google AMP is a significant ranking factor and comes in top priority in Google’s algorithm. It affects website ranking to a great extent. For example- if two websites have the same level of competition, Google will prioritize the website that loads faster and rank them high. 

  • Bounce Rates Are low

If the page loads faster, the user will stay on the web page, but the user will bounce back from your website if it takes more time to load. If your website takes longer than 23 seconds, then the user will go back from your website. Therefore, it becomes essential to implement AMP. Using AMP will increase the average time spent by users. If users invest more time on your website, that means more engagement will be there. 

  • There is an increase in Ad views

In AMP, the HTML codes in such a way that improves the overall banners and images usability. It will result in high ad visibility. 

  • High click-through Rates

The most important advantage of using AMP is that it comes in top story list in mobile SERP’s. It will increase the click-through rate because the users tend to click on those pages that appear on top results. 

  • AMP Increases mobile browser visibility

A lighting symbol comes with the AMP version of the website. The websites with this symbol have a very high chance to appear in the search carousels. The website traffic will increase a lot in this way. The browser understands the page layout and creates a wireframe to know where their stuff is going before it fully loads. 

It makes Download Fonts Faster

Non-AMP will need the HTTP request to download the fonts that mean the browser has to download the scripts and stylesheets before. The case is not the same with the Google AMP; the fonts arrive in it prior. It reduces the complexity, thus increasing the page loading speed.

Simplifies CSS

with Non-AMP pages, you will need multiple requests, but with AMP pages, this process is simple because there is only a single stylesheet that will load your page entirely. The file size is limited in AMP less than 50 KBS. 

Good For local Seo

Apply AMP to your local business mobile website. Maximum visitors to the local searches are from mobile devices, and so if you implement the AMP pages for your local business website, it will appear on the top. You will get more visitors to your website, and it will increase the chances of conversion more. 

Shits Image loading Task To GPU

AMP splits the page between the two systems. The CPU architecture makes it very simple and superior. CPU loads the page faster, and GPU does the task like shrinking, rotating images, and cropping. Both the components interact with each other when they require additional resources and perform tasks efficiently. 


The importance of AMP pages, in a nutshell, is that it reduces the CSS and javascript elements of your page. It serves well for the people who have a slow net connection. The best feature about the AMP page is that it keeps the cache of your target page ready to load on the server. It is mainly built on the idea that mobile device users want their search page to load faster. 

Since AMP is based on HTML 5, all sorts of data on your website may not be supported by the google amp. The basic graphics, content, and media will only get support to load faster. So it is all the limitation of AMP as you are now aware of all the benefits of using google amp, so don’t delay and implement it soon to benefit from ranking and traffic. 

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