What Is A Podcast And How It’s Work?

What Is a Podcast and How It’s Work?

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What is a podcast?

Any content which is as sound, we call that content as a Podcast. For example, the article you are reading is in written form. Likewise, podcasts are in audio form. 

When we upload a podcast on a platform where existing people or some other people are listening to that podcast which is submitted by us, this is called podcasting. We can also consider Podcasting as a Radio Station or any other music device.

How to start podcasting?

We need a platform to upload the podcast. Numerous stages are accessible on the lookout, for example,


Speaker etc.

You can upload your podcast on these wake ups. If you have a any blogging site or other sites on WordPress site builder then you install a Plugin for it, that plugin named Seriously Simple Podcasting.

With the help of these plugins you can store your podcasts in your web hosting. You can post in your blog like a normal post.

Now you will also need a good microphone to record podcasts. If you have an android phone that has a good mic, you can start podcasting it too. Otherwise you purchase an external mic.

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Benefits of Podcasting :-

1. Brand Building

If your podcast will be interesting then people will come to your website again and again to listen to your podcast. Which will build your brand.

2. Earn Money


When the user base of listeners listening to your podcasting will be very high, only then you can earn through sponsorships. This method is quite easy and good.

You simply need to tell your Audience concerning an item and consequently you will get cash.

For example- If you listen to your Podcasts 1000, then you can comfortably charge $ 10- $ 15 per sponsorship.

Monthly Subscription Model

You can Paid your Podcasts. Like you keep some 10 Podcasts free and after that you can tell your listeners that, if you want to listen to the podcasts ahead, you can buy Monthly Subscription from me.

Now suppose that you are charging 100 rupees per month for your podcasts and 300 people have taken your subscriptions, then your earning will be something like this.

300 × 100 = ₹ 30,000

This model is more profitable. But you will get Reach limited in it. To say that if you want to make your name, then this model is not for you.

3. User Engagement

If you have a blog or website, then you can double your user engagement with the help of Podcast.

There is also the benefit of podcasting that visitors will spend more time on your blog, which will also make your SEO better.

If you have decided to start Podcasting then I have some tips and tricks which will help you to grow your Podcasting Business.

Always try to make your podcast interesting, you may want to see that 2 people talk in the podcast. The person will feel that both of them are talking about something, they will listen to your talk.

You always have to record podcasts for your listeners and not for your own benefit.

You interview some big people in your podcast, from which you will also get an exposure, people will also start to know you.

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