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What I Learnt At The Kids Art Classes In Sydney Was Something I Can Never Forget

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After my painting course at the Charming Colours Art School – a Creative Kids Provider NSW, a lot of people asked me what I had learnt and so I thought I’d take this public platform to be vocal about it. 

The trial art classes in Sydney taught me a lot. Here is a look at the lessons. 

I learned to adjust to having others around me at the kids art classes in Sydney 

I never really liked the whole bonding with others, and as a teenager, these things become even tougher. So when I learnt that there would be other kids at the trial art classes in Sydney, I was a little apprehensive. 

But to be honest, it was a great experience. I was exposed to so many people who had different talents and were skilled in many things. I learnt a lot from them and I am still in touch with them. 

I learnt a lot about art and paints 

Shopping for art material online was fun. Did you know there are like a hundred types of brushes? 

Paints have a code to differentiate between the many blues and pinks and yellows. It was fascinating to get to know all of this and more!

I studied the different tools used in painting 

I was interested in how painters and artists use different tools to make their masterpieces. And so while I was shopping for art material online, I studied about this equipment and it was so interesting. 

I expanded my expertise

On weekends when I didn’t have to attend the kids art school in Sydney, I spent my time thinking up new DIY ideas for decorating my room at home. In fact, I think it would be nice to mention that now I have a small venture of my own to sell these DIY items. 

I love spending my time productively. 

The trial art classes in Sydney taught me its okay to make mistakes

While painting, it is normal to mess up. I mean no one is born a Leonardo da Vinci. But the important part is knowing how to improvise, and how to rectify the mistake. 

That’s what I learnt. In the initial stages I would freak out thinking that I have ruined the painting but then I’d simply buy more painting materials and try making the best of what I had messed up!

Do you have plans for the vacations? 

Well, try this out. Take a course at the kids art school in Sydney. Something that I forgot to mention is that these guys are an NSW Creative Kids Provider and this gives you a chance to redeem your Creative Kids Vouchers and get a great discount on your classes. 

Anyway, these were my learnings from my painting course. I gotta go now as I have to make a masterpiece!

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