What Does Your User Experience Say About Your Website?

Digital Marketing

If a website is getting new leads because of its very good design and establishment then we can say that it is a very good website and is free from most of the problems.

On the other hand, if there are a large number of problems in a website then we can say that it is not a good website and it needs lots of improvements.

It is important for you to know in front of potential customers how your site is displayed. For the success of your site, it plays a vital role.

Along with this, you need to know the user experience and responsiveness of your site. It is very important from the customers’ point of view.

Now I am going to tell you what user experience says about your website.

What is responsive design?

If a site is designed in such a way that on the devices of various screen sizes having different screen resolutions it can be easily displayed and accessed then we can say that it has responsive design. It is very important to have a responsive design. For implementing and maintaining a mobile site, this is an easy way and is recommended by Google. Usually, a faster loading of a mobile responsive site occurs. This helps in boosting the rankings of your site. Now look at some stats:

  • In 2013 a global traffic of 16.2 % was made by mobile devices.
  • In 2019 a global traffic of 53.3 % was made by mobile devices.

What is user experience?

If you combine the website’s usability, look and feel then this is known as user experience. It is very important that a visitor gets a very good user experience from your website. A number of things on a site can frustrate you:

  • Challenging navigation
  • Blurry images
  • Broken links

The user experience can become terrible because of all this.

Your aim should be creating the best UX and avoiding terrible UX.  

Choosing designs that give you good feeling and that have great looks is so easy.

If your user base is happy with your website design then it is very good for you. Ultimately, you have to target your site towards this user base. You can get a lot of help from marketing personas that are data-driven and as well as from customer profiles that are data-driven. So, you need to develop marketing personas and customer profiles accordingly. It is very important for you to know about your target. It will help you a lot in creating the rest.

Always remember the basics

  • Always focus on the functionality basics.
  • Defining the goals of your site is very good for you.
  • Try to create a seamless navigation process in your site.
  • It is necessary to have clear CTAs.
  • Between imagery and text, sufficient white space is necessary.
  • Always take interest in improving the loading speed of the page.

Whenever you write a content, always consider the ranking of your site. Relevance and quality are the 2 important factors that are valuable to Google. For the success of your blog give that information to the audience which is relevant, helpful and detailed. Your potential audience may take interest in a number of topics. You need to perform a detailed research so as to get information about all this.

What should be the profile of an ideal customer?

If according to your organization a customer is a perfect customer, then his profile will be known as the ideal customer profile (ICF). Generally, the solutions provided by you fit perfectly to these customers. For identifying the perfect fit, look at a number of characteristics:

  • Limitations of service or product – Some customers expect from you to give a quicker response. Are you in a position to respond quickly?
  • Legality – Are the government restrictions and locations of your customers limiting your customer base?
  • Geography – Is there any particular region where your company does not sell the items?
  • Industry – You may or may not work under certain verticals.
  • Company size/revenue/budget – In order to use the service or product of your company how much the customer needs to pay in the form of lowest cost threshold?

If someone takes interest in designing creative websites then it will be good for him to contact a Website design company.

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