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West Elm UAE Promo Code Use For Shapes of Mirrors


Mirrors can look instantly chic and decorate. They can be magical in the way they are displayed and make sure your room looks large and airy at the same time. Mirrors can increase a sense of space and light in the room. Adding a statement mirror in your room is perhaps one of the cleverest ways to modernize your room and make sure it looks incredibly classy. Mirrors are notoriously expensive, which is why you should always make use of a west elm UAE promo code to save some coins.

Mirrors are available in different styles and shapes, which makes mirror shopping a whole experience that can be daunting at the same time. It isn’t easy to purchase a mirror and you need to be prepared for searching high and low for a mirror that fits well with the style of your room yet stands out at the same time.

To help you out, here is a complete guide on mirrors and what kind of mirror should be placed in what kind of rooms.

Square Mirrors

Square mirrors are easily available online and you can even apply a west elm UAE promo code to get a discount. These mirrors are one of the simplest mirrors to decorate, which is because of its angular and clean look. Such mirrors are very easy to place because they can look modern and traditional at the same time. They are timeless pieces that add to the aesthetic appeal of your room. Plus, the square shape and symmetrical look always draw attention.

Square mirrors look best when they are placed in bedrooms and bathrooms, however, they can be placed anywhere in the house. You can place lamps in front of the mirrors or you can add a vase as well. Adding small sculptures in front of the mirrors is always a good option too.

Round Mirrors

A west elm UAE promo code can easily help you with affording the modern round mirrors. These are uncomplicated yet powerful mirrors that are very straightforward and satisfying at the same time. They catch the attention of everyone and stand out. They often have an antique look but they can also look retro and modern at the same time.

These mirrors are striking but they are simple as well, which is the reason why they become a focal point of the room. These versatile mirrors look best above a console, above a mantelpiece, and in a home office as well. Other than that, they can also look good as a centerpiece. If you have a lot of patterns and textures in a room, add a mirror to the room to make things better.

Teardrop Mirrors

Just as the name suggests, these mirrors are a great way to add modern accents to your room. These are a great alternative to round mirrors if they are not your cup of tea. The use of west elm UAE promo code can make them affordable as well.

These are elegant mirrors that have an elongated oval shape that has a strong silhouette. These mirrors are a favorite of interior designers because they add a strong addition of modernity to the room. They are tapered at the top and are wider at the bottom, which gives the mirror a teardrop look.

You can place teardrop mirrors anywhere and in any room. These are best if you want to give the appearance of length to any room. You should place these mirrors at the end of a long hallway or anywhere in a bedroom.

Starburst Mirrors

Sunburst or starburst mirrors are not your typical mirrors. These mirrors have radial spokes that start from the center of the mirror and end at the edge of the design. These are not particularly modern, but they are one of the most stylish mirrors in the market.

They are expensive, so using a west elm UAE promo code is advisable. They can be as modern, traditional, or spunky as you want. As these mirrors are gilded in silver or gold, these mirrors can easily double as wall art, which makes them the focal point of the room.

You can add starburst mirrors in the dining room, living room, hallways, and even your bedroom. They take the center stage so you can accessorize the mirror any way you want. Make sure to put a canvas or something equally pretty to add an interesting look to the room.

Other than these, you also have the option to purchase decorative mirrors that are available in geometric designs that look incredible in a nicely styled room. Make sure you have the budget to purchase such mirrors and always apply a west elm UAE promo code to ensure you never go overboard your budget. Pay attention to the available mirrors and make the best decision.

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