Ways to Child Proof Your Home


Keeping little children is far from being easy. They are little so they can do anything that comes to their mind. As a parent, you are the one who is responsible for their actions. So, you need to be more than careful in order to prevent them from many kinds of injuries both inside and outside. However, today we are going to focus on how you can manage things inside the house. Go ahead and you will learn how to Child Proof Your Home more efficiently.

Always remember that the right prevention method can reduce almost any type of injury your child might get. So that is why taking the right safety steps and childproofing methods are the best ever solutions to keep your little family members safe and happy all the time. Let’s dive into some of the best childproofing measures.

The Kitchen, The Bathroom

  • Pay much attention to some details like installing safety latches on all the major drawers and cabinets. This will help you keep your children safe from different toxic household products.
  • Collect all medicines in one place and put them in their original boxes not to be mixed with other products.
  • In order to keep toilet lids closed, don’t forget about using some toilet locks. Note that little children can lean and easily fall into a toilet and you will not even notice how it happened. Sounds strange? In fact, this is not! This happens a lot and even one inch of water is enough for your child to drown.
  • Put anti-scalding devices on faucets as well as shower heads. This will help to prevent unexpected burns. The water heater thermostat should also be set to 120 degrees. When the water it at 140 degrees, it can be dangerous for your child. It will take only three seconds for him/her to get a third-degree burn from it.
  • You should also be careful in the bathroom. Simply unplug hair dryers and other electric devices after using them so that electrocution will be prevented from any kind of contact with water. Don’t forget to keep these devices away from your children so that there will be no burn.
  • If you have curious children, then you should also use outlet protectors or safety caps to cover electrical outlets you don’t use. If they are near any water source (they can in the kitchen or bathroom, for instance), check whether they are updated with ground fault circuit interrupters or not. This guarantee that electricity turns off immediately when any appliance falls into water. Those outlets that are installed low to the ground should be covered as well. The market is full of various devices, so buy them and they can make it quite difficult for children to pull out those plugs.

Around the House

  • We advise you to use safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs as well as use hazards in the doorways of rooms. Never use gates with expanding pressure for the top of staircases, instead opt for gates hardware-mounted to the door frame.
  • You should be careful enough in order to control each situation. Thus, if there are spaces with hazards, like swimming pools, you have to use doorknob covers and they will help to keep your children away from those rooms. However, make sure these devices are also simple and easy to use for adults when an emergency occurs.
  • In order to prevent injuries and protect your children, don’t forget to install corner and edge bumpers on your furniture and other items like a fireplace hearth.
  • Do you have high widows at home? If yes, then don’t place your furniture near those high windows. You children will easily climb onto windowsills and fall through windows without any difficulties. It’s because screens are not strong enough to prevent them.
  • Ensure there are no looped cords on your window blinds. If you have blinds bought before 2001, they you should have them replaced or repaired. We also suggest locking those blinds into position no matter they are all the way down or up.
  • All the free falling lids should be removed from toy chests.
  • When you store items in your shelves, we offer you to place those heavy items on the bottom shelves or drawers.

These are useful methods but remember that none of these childproofing measures can be 100% effective. So the results will never be fully guaranteed. However, they will be quite useful. You should always supervise your little ones no matter what kind of measures you have taken into account.

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