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Video Marketing for Business: Benefits, Why and Ways to Do it

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Nowadays you can find a large number of marketing strategies for your small trade. In order to get the best ROI, it can be a tough choice for you to decide which strategy will work the best. You can easily learn the latest strategies and methods if you will focus on the developing trends closely. For increasing customer engagement, online presence and sales, small trades are taking interest in video marketing which is a fast-growing tactic. Look at the statement: ‘Best ROI is given by the video content all over the world’. This is the thinking of 52 % marketing professionals as said by Syndacast. Also, before going to a store the videos related to an item are seen by the 50 % users on the internet. Now I am going to tell you the benefits of video marketing for business, its purpose and ways to do it.

Video marketing benefits

1. Tell customers your story educating them about the services and products that you offer – As compared to the written content a more compelling experience is provided by the videos or visual content. It will not be a good strategy to write about the services and products of your company. Instead give product demos to customers so that they can see the items in movement. Whenever you launch a new item, show its benefits and working to the customers in the form of a video. It has been found that after seeing a video online, 64 % users take interest in purchasing an item. Providing a relatable story to consumers in the form of a video will help in humanizing your trade. You can give a more intimate experience of your business to your company’s people by showing them a video over it. For giving tough competition to other trades, you can get a lot of help from this and it will also help in building your brand.

2. Engage with the audience who use mobile – It has been found that for watching videos, 90 % consumers use smartphones. So, it is crucial for you to create the mobile-optimized videos only. This will help in showing your business aspects to potential customers. In addition to this you will also get knowledge about the visitors’ experience.

3. Improve your Google search rankings – The visitors spend a lot of time on the site if it contains the videos. With this the search engine gets information that the quality content is present on your site. It will help in increasing your rankings in SERPs.

4. Improve your emails’ CTR – It has been found that a 96 % increase in the CTR occurs if in your email you embed videos. But don’t make super informative or long videos.

What is the requirement to invest in video marketing?

1. Videos help in boosting sales and conversion rates – Look at some stats:

  • The percentage of trades who increased their sales with the help of videos is 81 % and this report is given by Wyzowl.
  • The same report also says that the percentage of trades whose website traffic has been increased by video marketing is 76 %.

2. You can get very good ROI with video marketing – It has been found that the click through rates increase by 200 to 300 % if in your emails you add video content. This report has been given by Hyperfine Media. It also says that after watching a video the marketer’s website will be visited by 65 % executives.

3. Google takes a lot of interest in videos – After searching the following things the Google picks videos of YouTube:

  • Funny videos
  • Searches related to fitness or sports
  • Tutorials
  • How-to keywords
  • Reviews

For optimizing your video, use tags, title and video description.

How will you start a video marketing campaign for your trade?

1. Give your introduction – Having a personality for your brand is of great importance. For this you need to create a video giving an introduction about yourself.

2. Give a detailed description of your services and products – You have to generate the interest in the customers towards the services and products of your business. Create a video showing how the product works. With this the customers will start trusting the services and products of your business.

3. Provide customer testimonials – In order to create social proof of those customers and clients who are happy with your services and products, creating their video testimonials will be a good idea. If you take interest in getting the services of video ads, local SEO, web design, hosting and paid search then it will be good for you to contact a digital marketing company.

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