Venues in Jaipur

Venues in Jaipur for Your Dream Wedding


Venues in Jaipur

When it comes to celebrating weddings in Jaipur, people think of grandiose weddings, palatial aesthetics. And an overall grand wedding setup, and therefore look for matching venues for a destination wedding in Jaipur. Let’s check out some venues in Jaipur for your dream wedding.

Destination Wedding in Jaipur

However, not everyone wants to marry their beloved in a grand ceremony. And sometimes a quiet wedding is just as enjoyable as its louder counterpart. Also with that in mind, here are 5 of the best places in Jaipur to be listed. And do your search for an easier Jaipur wedding destination. As a result, it a big wedding with a band, Baaja, and Baraat, or a wedding with a bit of quiet.

Perfect Destination for Your Jaipur Wedding

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Geetanjali Banquet, Ajmer Road, Jaipur

An ideal venue for people who want to spend their wedding with finesse and class. Geetanjali Banquet, Jaipur is a perfect venue for small and large weddings alike, thanks to its multiple party areas. Located about 10 minutes from Durgapura Train Station.

This Jaipur wedding destination hires professional caterers to cook a variety of pure vegetarian dishes. And while a team of trained decorators touches up the venue for your big day. Geetanjali Banquet, Ajmer Road, and Jaipur. Also offer ample valet parking spaces, complimentary changing rooms. And the freedom to hire your own catering service. Don’t wait any longer to reserve your own spot at this beautiful Jaipur wedding destination!

Location of the Venue: Geetanjali Banquet, Plot no. 6, 7, Ajmer Road, Karni Vihar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302019

Key Features:

  • Situated half an hour away from Jaipur International Airport
  • Banquet hall and lawn available for events
  • Ample parking space and valet services
  • Changing rooms available

Welcome Heritage Traditional Haveli, Bani Park, Jaipur

From a tight-knit family function to a large-scale wedding party. And, Welcome Heritage Traditional Haveli, Jaipur is the perfect venue for any occasion large or small. Also making it an ideal choice for a Jaipur wedding destination.

Located about 10 minutes from Jaipur Junction. This place offers everyone from multiple party areas. And trained catering services offering delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. Also to a professional decorating team that touches up the before-now beautiful venues in Jaipur for your destination wedding.

Additional services provided by Welcome Heritage Traditional Haveli, Bani Park, and Jaipur. Also include cozy rooms for an overnight stay. And limited parking spaces, making it an ideal destination for weddings in Jaipur!

Location of the Venue: Welcome Heritage Traditional HaveliAC 4 C Gayatri Marg. Sawai Jai Singh Highway Bani Park, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302016

Key Features:

  • Situated half an hour away from Jaipur International Airport
  • In-house catering and decor available
  • Parking space available
  • 5-Star rated hotel

Amazing Jaipur Wedding Destinations

And so the list comes to an end! We hope you enjoyed our selection of these amazing Jaipur wedding destinations. If you want to see more content like this, consider subscribing to us for all your wedding needs!

Prepare for Your Destination Wedding

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