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If you are manufacturing, repairing, handling or using equipment that is susceptible to damage from electro-static disc, you will certainly need an ESD floor, commonly referred to as anti static flooring. Some of the sectors can include the manufacture of components for the electronics industry, aviation, automotive, IT, medical, oil and gas, telecoms and IT. There are many simple and affordable ways to manage the issue of static discharge, if it brings a lot of inconvenience like in the printing industry, warehousing and packaging, food production etc. It does not mean that the floor will eliminate static build up or dissipate static that may have already been built up in the body. Anti-static flooring will never increase the risk of building up static and it will not if properly installed increase the level of static charge from the body. You can achieve this thanks to a conductive or dissipative floor covering like the one we provide.

There are various affordable methods to reduce the risk of static build up if you don’t require a conductive or dissipative floor. These are the following simple, easy and cost-effective solutions.

1. Cleaning and Maintenance

You can find different types of anti-static cleaning products that work exactly the same way as a standard floor cleaning chemical. However, they also include an anti-static additive that attracts moisture from the atmosphere that eliminates static build up. It’s worth mentioning that you use a neutral PH cleaning chemical so that you do not add either a positively charged layer over the top of your floor surface. By using the right cleaning chemicals in case of a good and regular cleaning regime, you can be sure that you have a static free floor.

2. Using The Right Type of Shoes

Note that if you wear synthetic/man made shoe soles then they will create static electricity. So experiment with as many shoes as possible. When the room or weather humidity is too dry and you are walking on an insulative surface with certain types of insulative shoes, you will surely build up static electricity. Also, try to avoid trainers, rubber and leather soles and use anti-static or even better ESD footwear. So instead of installing a full ESD flooring, it is more affordable to have the correct footwear.

3. Increasing Humidity

When the air and materials are dry, static electricity becomes more active. In general, humidity is lower in winter and when you heat the house it can reduce the humidity. The best solution is to use a humidifier.

4. Wearing The Right Clothing

Polyester materials are some of the materials that can cause more static electricity than others when they touch the skin. You should wear ESD clothing such as our anti static polo shirts or ESD lab coats in case you have a problem with static electric shocks. We ensure these ESD garments items can give relief from the shocks, especially to women who often wear undergarments made of nylon or other synthetic material.

5. Moisturising Skin

Having dry skin can cause the build-up of static charges. The problem can become unbearable especially in winter. You are highly recommended using moisturisers or lotions on your skin.

How Does Anti-Static Flooring Work?

Note, anti static flooring is ordered into categories based on how fast electricity can move through them, a property which is measured in ohms. Surfaces that are characterized by the least resistance are called as conductive. Dissipative floors allow electricity to flow through at a controlled speed and those floors which resist the most are defined as insulative.

Anti static flooring or to be specific ESD flooring can bring static dissipation to any space. They work by incorporating specialist conductive materials that take away any charge a person has built up as soon as their foot comes into contact with the floor. This contact from the ESD shoes or ESD Heel Grounders will create a chain reaction and as a result, the charge is safely removed from the sensitive environment.

Why Invest in an Anti Static Mat and Electronics Bench?

Almost all people wonder how these products work! Thanks to an anti static mat, you can help your workers stay safe in the workplace. An anti static mat can bring a large number of benefits. It can will dissipate static if it is kept clean and in its best condition.  So a static safe environment is created because this mat can neutralize all those electrostatic discharges.

Being short, it can be said that an anti static mat is a unique type of ESD matting solution. They work to prevent your workers, components resting on the ESD table mat and nearby facilities—from getting damaged as a result of electrostatic discharge. Just invest in this anti static mat and everyone will stay safe and happy as it will provide protection for your equipment and workers from the dangers of electrostatic discharge. This ESD mat is not the same as ESD flooring as it is not a specific flooring solution. You can also use anti static mat on a table top which will provide ESD protection when working on your static sensitive components. So whenever you starting using ESD mat you will be able to transform any table or bench into a much safer workspace.

Advantages of Electronics Bench

ESD benches can perfectly shield your workers and everything that surrounds you from electrostatic discharge. Industries which rely heavily upon the use of electrical equipment should never hesitate to invest in an electronics bench as they are different to a standard workbench. ESD benches can offer a huge number of benefits for your business. Moreover, in combination with other types of anti static equipment, an electronics bench will completely protect your workers from electrostatic discharge. There are many reasons why you need to invest in ESD Bench. So contact us today to receive a quotation for a bespoke ESD workbench to meet your requirements. We have a choice of cantilever and four leg design ESD benches available alongside an array of accessories to choose from. All anti static workbenches are manufactured bespoke to order.

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