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Understand the Need of Equine Feed Supplements for Mongolia


Animals like horses are helpful to the human race for ages. They aided in the movement of personnel and goods and played a crucial role in wars and entertainment. Horse caretakers ensured that they provided the animals with natural feed supplements, which kept animals in the best condition and boosted their performance. Even in the modern age, many countries like Mongolia still depend on the equine for transport.

Mongolia is a landlocked country with arable land, with mountains to the north and desert to the south. It is also one of the sparsely populated areas. The dependency on horses is high because it becomes easy to travel through rough terrains. Mongolian people surely need feed additives distributors toboost the animal’s performance and away from diseases.

What are Feed Additives?

Horse feed additives and supplements play a major role in equines’ optimal health. These additives cover various molecules, compounds or organisms, which promote ingestion, absorption, and assimilation of nutrients, growth and health. These affect the physiological processes, such as immune function, stress resistance and reproduction.

The main issue that most caretakers face is feeding these products to the animals. Horses and other equines are herbivores and prefer to graze and consume small quantities of food throughout the day. The animals’ digestive system and needs may also not support the additives. Hence using the vet equine feed additives would need an established feed program.

Vet pharma company in Mongolia produce high-quality supplements for providing superior nutrition to the animals, keeping the animals in the best condition.

What is the need for feed additives for Mongolian Equines?

Mongolian people use these animals for some strenuous activities, and these equine feed additives help in better performance. Studies state that high-stress activities can deplete a few nutrients and minerals rapidly from the animal’s body. The natural diet would require huge time for replenishment. A well-designed supplement program that includes the best feed additives would benefit from various health problems. Vet pharma companies understand that many deficiencies are not obvious, so most caretakers would not be ready to use the supplements.

A few horses are slow healers, hard keepers, have poor stamina, reduced reproductive performance or poor hoof growth. These problems have forced caretakers to look for food additives to help animals improve their health and perform better. A few products like thiamine injections or other supplements can provide desired results.

Basic nutrients

A healthy horse would need six basic nutrients. They are:

  • Water: Normal horse would need five to fifteen gallons of clean water, which they consume throughout the day. Temperature, humidity and activity levels play a crucial role in water consumption. Watering of the animal should also take place twice a day.  
  • Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates form a major part of the horse’s diet. The structural carbohydrates present in hay and grass is easily digestible. The bacteria present in the cecum and colon can break into carbohydrates into an energy source, which the horse can absorb. Vet pharma companies can use natural products like corn for this purpose.
  • Proteins: Proteins help in body growth and maintenance. Improving protein quality over quantity has immense benefits. Feed additives provide quality versions to boost immunity and muscle strength.  
  • Fats: studies show that horses can tolerate a high level of fat in their diet, which is an easily digestible energy source. The feed additives increase the energy density, which reduces the need to feed.
  • Vitamins: Vitamins’ presence is critical for body reactions. The body would use the necessary vitamins, and the rest are eliminated as body waste.
  • Minerals: These critical organic materials must be present in adequate amounts for proper body functions. The need for mineral would differ with age and status.

One should understand Mongolians would surely need feed additives but should use under the guidance and prescription of a vet. Most vet pharma manufacturing companies provide necessary information on eth product, but every animal is unique; thus, its requirements. Hence, a vet suggestion is crucial.

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