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Top Used Car Dealers in Alappuzha


Used car dealers may be the right option if you are searching for a second hand car in Alappuzha. Trusted used car dealerships in Alappuzha will offer pre-owned cars at the best deal and discounted rates. Relieving the customer’s financial burden to a remarkable extent.

One of the prominent changes that happened over the past decade is the entry of reputed car dealerships in the used car market. They have a wide presence around Kerala, offering multi-brand used cars. Such dealerships not only provide used cars in Alappuzha at affordable prices but also assist the customers in obtaining a car loan.

The other important factor that makes reliable pre-owned car dealerships the first choice is the quality of the used cars provided by the used car dealers in Alappuzha. Furthermore, they have a hassle-free process in place to support the customers optimally. Let’s have a look at the top used car dealers in Alappuzha.

Indus Used Cars

Having an exemplary track record in the automobile sector, for more than three decades, Indus Used Cars is the best-used car dealership in Alappuzha. They are supported by a handpicked team of professionals, who are ready for any kind of service to the customers.

Indus has a transparent setup, providing significant discounts on second hand cars in Alappuzha. The organization has an extensive presence in Kerala, with over ninety showrooms located around the state. Exemplary after-sales support, the 376-point inspection process on used cars, customer care, nil unnecessary commission, and wide collection make Indus the top used car showroom in Alappuzha. They also have a properly designed website for second hand cars. The customers can browse through the portal and check out the collection of multi-brand used cars.

Popular Vehicles

Popular is one of the oldest car dealerships in Kerala. They have an exclusive used car division in Alappuzha offering a plethora of second hand cars. The customer-oriented approach by Popular vehicles makes it one of the desirably used car dealerships in the region.

Customers can also opt to check their online portal for confirming the brands and models available at the dealership. Undoubtedly, a good dealership for buying used cars in Alappuzha, Popular Vehicles claims the second position. You get used car models of Maruti Suzuki here.

Mahindra First Choice Wheels Limited

Mahindra First Choice is another optional second hand car dealer in Alappuzha. They have a wide presence not only in Kerala but also in the entire country. Choose Mahindra First Choice if you can’t find the model of Mahindra cars of your choice in the other two dealerships above.

Supported by a team of professional staff, Mahindra extends optimal support to the customers. The brand has been successful in making its presence felt among the used car dealers in Alappuzha. Drop by the showroom or contact them to check out the availability of models at the showroom.

Maruti True Value

Maruti True Value is another credible used car seller in Alappuzha. True Value also has a pan Kerala presence. Providing cars at competitive prices, the dealership has made a name for itself. Approaching this dealership for buying used cars in Alappuzha would be a considerable option. True Value is a famous used car dealer in Kerala with multi showroom presence. You can find great collections of used cars of Maruti Suzuki.

There has been a great rise in the number of customers searching for second hand cars in Alappuzha. True Value, with the reputation and name created through dedicated service, has been supporting them to realize their dreams. Located at the prime spot, Maruti True Value registers exceptional used car sales in Alappuzha.

The brand and model are the predominant factors that are considered by new car buyers. It is not the case concerning used cars. The reputation of a second hand car dealership would be pivotal here. Needless to say, the quality, the price quoted, after-sales support, and performance would depend on the reliability of the seller.

Choose a trustworthy dealership for buying used cars in Alappuzha. Otherwise, buying a second hand car may turn into a cumbersome task. Running around for finding the model of one’s choice, obtaining funds, inspection, booking, and documentation may turn complicated. If you are especially new to the used car market there is a high chance of falling into a lot of traps. Even though there are many options to buy second hand cars like, you may find great offers on classifieds or private sellers, but it is advisable to purchase from genuine car dealers if you are comparatively new.

Our analysis indicates that Indus Used Cars, Popular Vehicles, Mahindra First Choice, and Maruti True Value are the top used car dealers in Alappuzha. Evaluate the dealerships and approach the one you feel right, for buying a second hand car in Alappuzha. Happy shopping!

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