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Top Reasons to Hire a Ghostwriter


Ghostwriting is a very common practice among professional authors, celebrities and public speakers. If you know how many bestsellers ghostwriters have written, you will be surprised. If you plan to publish a book but you’re out of time, and still want your book in your own voice, then hiring a ghostwriter can help. Ghostwriters accept the ideas from their clients and help them improve the content and turn them into words, adapting all the needs and wishes of the client.

A ghostwriter is someone you hire to write anonymous articles, blogs, stories or any kind of content in a professional way, and under your supervision so can manage and check is the content is like that you want. The text would be published in the name of the person who hired the ghostwriter. Hire a ghostwriter to write everything from blog posts and white papers to manuscripts, speeches and even books. Basically, they exchange credit for profit, which is usually beneficial to both parties. You will get high-quality writing and ghostwriters will get paid, but this relationship is not just for making money.

Is ghostwriting service for everyone?

Maybe you are creative enough to write your own content. So why should you hire a ghost writer? It is true that hiring ghost writers is not for everyone, especially those who want to enjoy their writing and creation. However, if you do not have these desires, it is recommended to consider hiring ghost writers, as they are the most professional approach one could benefit of.

Let’s talk about the top reasons of hiring a ghostwriter:

You don’t have time to create content on your own

Time is a limiting factor, and there is no room in your schedule to brainstorm books, articles or video scripts. You have a great story in your mind, and you think it will ignite the market. This is the top reason why people hire ghostwriters.

Save time and money

Ghost writers, especially those who are not a whole brand, can charge a reasonable fee. Aspiring ghost writers can charge between $12,000 and $15,000 for a 200 to 300 page book. The price of a small e-book (less than 100 pages) ranges from $8,000 to $12,000. The cost of regular authors and books that require additional research is much higher-from $25,000 to $60,000. Like other media, the average cost of a white paper is about $4,200. Depending on the level of complexity, the cost of voice-over for corporate video ranges from $500 to $2,000. If you have a busy schedule and you prefer not wasting time, hiring a ghostwriter is what you should do.

Extensive research

No matter what field your company is in, ghost writers are master and do a lot of research before start writing. If necessary, they will of course ask for information about the specific term used in the field. If you do not prefer to spend time in the long process of researching the niche, let the Ghostwriting Company or ghostwriters help you! An excellent ghost writer will not only write down the content ideas you give them, but also use their creativity, intelligence and knowledge to supplement and develop their own ideas and implement in your project.

You tend to procrastinate

How many years have you been planning to write a book? How long are the notes and drafts in the bottom drawer? You may be a person who isn’t able to fit a writing period of 2 hours in your busy schedule. This is one of the top reasons why people hire ghostwriters.

Not Enough Experience

The main reason to hire a ghostwriter or Ghostwriting Company is the experience. It is one thing to have a good story to tell others. The other is to write the story in the book. There are several shortcuts to written prose. It takes time. Need to practice. This requires some skill. Not only is it difficult to write a good book for an inexperienced writer, but it is also difficult to organize all the steps of publishing. Many people don’t dare to start writing their own book even having a great idea in their mind. This is where they hire ghostwriters.

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What Should I Look For in Ghostwriter?

Remember that not all ghost writers are suitable for all books. They are usually genre specific. You ghostwriter should be a good person who fits personality wise, because you will work closely with that person. You must rely and trust them. Ghostwriters usually must sign non-disclosure agreements with other customers. This means that they cannot reveal who they have worked for in the past. There may be some examples to share. However, each of these examples should sound completely different, because the ghost writers wrote down the author’s voice on each example. Everyone has a different literary voice. 

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