Top Courses of 2021 to Study Abroad in Australia


Australia is one of the leading and the best countries in the world when it comes to international education. Out of the top 100 universities in the world, 8 are in Australia. It offers a wonderful cultural experience, there are a number of scholarships for international students and there are a number of exams that an international student can take to earn higher education in the country.  

While choosing the right country is a must, it is also important to choose the right course Here, we are discussing the top courses for 2021 that you can study in Australia. We recommend discussing them with a study in Australia consultant for an even better decision. An expert consultant can help you with the college selection, completing the course requirements and ensuring that you choose a course that is the best for you!

6 Top Courses of 2021 to Study Abroad in Australia

1.       Business Management

In 2021 as well, the reputation of the MBA programs in Australia is impeccable and popularity is soaring. It is perfect for graduates in accounting, business administration and even for the school pass-outs that are looking for a formidable graduation course (BBA).

However, as the MBA has many specializations, you can also complete it after completing your graduation in technical fields, like computer sciences, and engineering etc. This allows you to get exposure to both of the fields and prepares you for the management challenges of IT and Manufacturing firms in a better manner.

The job opportunities after completing an MBA are better and more in number as compared to a graduation course, and you can also find jobs in Australia once you are done with your education.

2.       Medical Sciences

Australia offers two kinds of medical degrees – a 4-year graduation course, and a 6-year PG course. There are many top-notch medical universities in Australia that offer medical science and allied health courses. These universities rank among the top universities in the world and are public as well as private.

Some of the most popular allied courses in medicine are dentistry, biomedical engineering, and biomedicine.

If you have good spoken and written English, then you can easily find jobs in the country after completing the course.

3.       Engineering

It goes without saying that Engineering is one of the best career options and is a ighly popular course among students across the globe. Australia offers three excellent universities for engineering courses – La Trobe University, Swinburne University, and the University of Melbourne.

All the universities rank among the best universities in the world and offer cutting-edge education, amazing research opportunities and have an exceptional culture.

4.       Computers and IT

The global demand for computer and IT experts is touching an all-time high and the job roles are becoming more diverse and more accommodating towards different specializations. So, this is the best time to go for a career in computing and IT. Australia offers graduation and PG courses in computers and IT in many universities and allows you to explore the recent trends in education and employment via its carefully compiled programs.

5.       Architecture

Architecture is an interesting career option with promising earnings and a degree in Architecture in 2021 is going to be all the more rewarding with the boom in design, planning, real estate and infrastructure. Architecture touches many domains at once and allows you to make a career in different areas, such as town planning, spatial design, interiors, and structural engineering, and Architectural technology, etc. You can find jobs in Australia, and even back in your home country, or go for a global career in some other country of your choice.

6.       Business Analytics

The thirst for data gathering and data processing is soaring in the current times, and the companies are highly likely to increase their spending in analytics. So, at this point in time, a course in business analytics is one of your best bets.

Business analytics professionals have a huge demand all over the globe and are being absorbed across diverse industries like never before. Australia offers many brilliant educational institutions for the course, and you can certainly choose it for a rewarding career.

Some Other Top Courses of 2021 to Study Abroad in Australia

1.   Social Work

Humanitarian work, mental health practice, community services, and community health are some of the domains covered in this course. The students can complete UG and PG courses and then easily find jobs in Australia or a country of their choice. A number of wealthy people and MNCs are into community work and social work also brings you inner satisfaction. So, you can also consider this course as an international student in Australia.

2.   Geology

Earth is a wonderful planet that is full of secrets from its past and evolution stages. As a geologist, you can discover these secrets and learn about the fascinating journey of this planet since Day 1. There are many educational institutions in Australia that offer Geology courses.

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3.   Allied Health Sciences

Paramedics, Nurses, Radiologists, and Medical Technicians are always in high demand across the world and the ongoing pandemic calls for an even bigger medical force. So, if you have an interest in a specific field of medicine, you can join the league.

4.   Internet of Things

This course is also gaining more and more popularity these days with a number of major technology firms across the globe working in the field of IoT. So, this is also a popular and one of the best courses for 2021.

5.   Urban Planning and Construction

With more and more urbanisation drives taking place all over the globe, you can surely choose this domain and make a good career out of it.

So, this completes our list of the top courses in 2021 to study in Australia. We hope all our readers find it helpful.

Always remember – choosing the right course to study abroad is just like choosing that one particular cereal that you can eat and enjoy for an entire lifetime!

So, always choose well.

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