Top 5 Alkaline Foods - Amazing Facts you must know

Top 5 Alkaline Foods – Amazing Facts You Must Know


Alkaline foods reduce the risk of acidity and acid reflux and also curb several health issues. Alkaline diet and foods prevent weight gain.

One of the basic methods to test the acid levels is to watch the color of the urine. Water like color is neutralized and yellowish color is a sign of higher acidity.

PH levels show how much acid or alkaline our body is. Stomach is more acidic than other parts of the body, as it has to digest the food we eat.

The gastric juice keeps in acid as it is released when we eat food. Our blood is alkaline, but our eating does not change its pH levels.

A common city dweller is eating a diet that increases acids in the body.  All junk foods, soft drinks and fry and deep fry items tilt balance in favor of acid in the body.

It leads to several stomach ailments starting from indigestion to acidity and reflexes. All natural vegetables and fruits come in the category of the best alkaline foods.

Green vegetables

They also contain minerals and antioxidants that help our health in numerous ways.

The biggest benefit is that vegetables help us to cut weight gain and promote a healthy heart. Spinach, kale, lettuce, celery also come in the alkaline vegetables.

Broccoli and cauliflower have many phytochemicals.

Citrus Fruits

They not only have vitamin C, but also detoxify the system and help cure constipation and facilitate removal of waste from our system. Along with these benefits, the fruits also prevent heartburn and acidic reflexes.

Seasonal fruits are another important part of the overall diet for producing alkaline effects in our body. The minerals, vitamins and phytochemicals and antioxidants in fruits ensure overall health benefits.

The antioxidants in fruits like watermelon and grapefruit juice keep blood vessels flexible and prevent damage to blood vessels.

Often in mid aged males hardening of blood vessels causes reduction in blood vessels.  It leads to erection dysfunction in males. Such males are suggested Tadalafil 60 mg cialis for doctors to overcome erection difficulties.

Fruits not only will create smooth flow of blood by stimulating nitric oxide, but also curb several lifestyle issues like diabetes, obesity and acidic reflexes.

Root vegetables

Beets, Sweet potato, carrots, and lotus root helps us restore balance between acid and alkaline in the body. Beets have particular antioxidants, and nitrate that protect heart walls and increase blood flow in the body.

Sweet potato and carrot are also recommended to males with erection issues.


Asparagus is considered one of the strongest food items in terms of its alkalinity. It also have nutrients, antioxidants, detoxifying properties, and anti ageing effects.


The creamy green fruit is one the best fruits for male health as it strengthens the erection process. It is high in potassium, has healthy fat, and fiber.

The fiber removes deposits of cholesterol in blood vessels, ensures smooth bowel movement and prevents colon cancer.

A couple of avocados can fulfill the daily requirement of fiber for males and females. Avocado oil is also an important alkaline product.

Supposed benefits

Proponents of alkaline food mention that such a diet keeps the chances of kidney stones, gastric issues, and heart issues low.

It also leads to strong bones, improved brain function, less back pain and lower chances of type 2 diabetes.

whether alkaline food produces desired results or not , but the fact is that any diet that has a major part containing green fresh vegetables , fruits , nuts , garlic , ginger , onions and seasonal fruits can never be without benefits .

In fact, several lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol formation in blood arteries, obesity, and low stamina are cured by following such a diet.

Males with low erection capacity, who use Sildenafil citrate 150 mg Pills for higher erection issues, also see improvement through diet change and lowering risks of lifestyle disease.


Create balance in your diet habits by increasing the share of vegetables, fruits, nuts and root vegetables for overall health benefits. no need to cut eating meat or dairy products , but if you are one with acidity and acid reflux issues , change to alkaline diet for faster and better results .

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