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Top 10 Features of a Luxury Home

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The quintessence of a luxury abode is not just an adequately providedresidence. Instead, a luxury home is the one that makes you feel comfortable and welcomed. Just think of the royal treatment, the pride, and the triumph you will feel after getting the house of your dreams.

So, what is a luxury house? Imagine the open grounds, the pools, the chandeliers, the shiny floors, the decorated walls, the warmth on cold nights, the coolness of summer nights, and the twinkle of the bright lights in your eyes. However, as every human being’s wishes are different, so is their definition of an ideal house. Here are some of the features that deserve mentioning in this article.

However, you should be aware that these are some of the top features, and it does not necessarily mean that all these should be in a single house. Some houses may consist of the majority of them, but the main gist is these features are trending, and you should go for the one that matches your tastes.

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     1.    The Smart House

What if you can command your house? Real estate owners are focusing and adapting to the surge of technology in the current time—a fully automated home with a remote-control system. The system can be monitored from your car stuck in traffic thousands of miles away. Inside, you become the king of commanding everything at your disposal.

As lord of the house, say the word, and everything rolls as you wish. The modern house should have a security alarm system. Your nights should be peaceful and should be “smart” enough to look after its security.

     2.    The Grandeur of the Entrance

Imagine walking into a house with an entrance that mesmerizes you, even if it’s your own—the open entrance with its open hall and an open staircase.The magnificence of the open floors has a calming effect. It’s like getting a breath of fresh air. It is the first impression when you enter any home, so it must be an attribute in your mind.

     3.    Location

Think of a location full of green flora. The trees are dancing in the breeze, with a red brick path leading to open grounds at the front of your house. Imagine the property in solitude away from the jealous eyes—the mansion in the background and grassy carpet around it.

The location should be secure and well within reach of basic human facilities, like your children’s school or college, emergency services, and shopping arcades. The isolation should be for peace of mind and not for shunning away from the civilized world.

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     4.    Community

A place that enjoys the presence of a neighborhood that incites confidence, a community that understands your privacy but is there for you to share your joys and worries; what else do you need. A good neighbor is a blessing from heaven.

Charleswood Real Estate and East Fort Garry properties enjoy the auspicious presence of a community that haswell-known and respected individuals and families.

     5.    The Pool

The swimming pool at the back of your house is an awe-inspiring sight to watch. A fully equipped pool with a draining and filling mechanism is ideal. It should make your warm summer days celebrate coolness. Pools nowadays have become a necessity because outdoor activities are more sparseand you need good exercise to shed the extra pounds. Swimming enables you to keep yourself active.

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     6.    Indoor Gym

Speaking of fitness, an indoor gym is a must to complete the house of your dreams. The gym should be equipped with the latest machinery that calls you to itself. A well-equipped gym means that you are healthy and fit, in the privacy of your own home.

     7.    The Spacious Bedrooms

The grand entrance should be accompanied by bedrooms that open your mind.  We spend many hours in our bedrooms. The bedrooms should be an ultimate sanctuary and should be complete with an attached bath, a wardrobe, a sitting table, etc. It should be the miniature version of the whole house.

It should inspire comfort and peace. The windows should be secure but give a magnificent view of the outside world, and the curtains should complement the inside of the bedroom. The bed should be spacious but allowing you to freely move within the room.

     8.    The Luxurious Bath

The bathroom must be state of the art. The material of the bathtub should be excellent. The stainless tapes should complement the colored and gleaming tiles of the floor and walls, and the water system should provide water as per your needs. The bathwater should drain easily without creating a puddle. The bathroom should have a modern mirror and towel cabinet.

     9.    Home Theater

Well, who can forget the entertainment? The modern house is incomplete without a homie theatre completely self-sufficient. It should have a screening that should match the real thing with a sound system adjusted accordingly. That said, the wine cellar should have a mole wine to cherish the different occasions.

The party should not stop because the liquor is not there. The home theatre should be ready for a home gathering and a party to celebrate the memorable moments of the adults and cater to the needs of teens who want to party just for fun.

    10.  The Barbeque

A yard that is not ready for an outdoor barbeque is not complete. The house should facilitate the barbeque culture. Family members or community gatherings in pleasant weather require a steak housemaster’s skillful hands to prepare the meat and the potato mash or mac and cheese with a nice beer to quench the thirst.


One thing to understand is that the above is just a glimpse of some of the features that a home owner wants in his house. The house of your dreams is not a far cry anymore. Visit the houses in East Fort Gary and Charleswood Real Estate, and you may find the abode that caters to your desires. 

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