Top 10 Best Engineering Universities in Pakistan


As we all know that the Pakistan have the almost more than 50 Engineering Universities in all country. The Recognized bodies that scoring these Universities in the Categories of Engineering Known as HEC (Higher Education Commission) and PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council). So, today we have listed down the Top 10 Best Engineering Universities in Pakistan 2020.

The HEC body inspect all Engineering universities in Pakistan and measure their performance factors like teaching factor, Research, PHD scholar faculty, students worth and resources. Then HEC gives them score according to their performance from 0 to 100.

These universities have the different degree programs Like, Civil Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Chemical, Petroleum, Industrial, Electrical, and so on.

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Different Universities have different best degree programs and HEC have score them all over in average, So don’t think about that the only high ranking university is the only best university for all degrees program that is not the necessary.

We will also list down the top universities according to the degree program or department. Example: best Software engineering universities in Pakistan, top civil engineering universities, best universities for MBA in Lahore.

The best Universities also hire the students and professional for academic staffs as well as for the tutors. We will also upload the Latest jobs regarding the teaching and government departments.

List of Engineering Universities in Pakistan 2020

Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Islamabad (PIEAS)

According to the HEC, PIEAS University is the 1st ranking in the Engineering Category Which have more performance score measure by the HEC body. The University is located at the Islamabad city which is the capital of Pakistan.

PIEAS have the best Faculty members with the qualification of Ph.D. and M.Phil. from national and international universities.

The university offered both master and bachelor degree program courses that are mentioned below:

HEC score: 81.79

PIEAS University Programs Offered

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Metallurgy & Material Engineering
  • Computer & Information Sciences
  • Physics

National Universities of Science and Technology, Islamabad (NUST)

National University of Science and technology also known as NUST. It is located in Islamabad city, The NUST University is Good in teaching as well as Research in the Information Technology. The university offered more than 20 programs in all over include Bachelor, Master, MPhil and PHD.

NUST University HEC Score: 62.05

NUST University Program offered List

  • BS – Applied Sciences
  • B.Arch. – Architecture
  • Bachelor of Business Administrator
  • BE- Chemical
  • BE – Chemistry
  • BE – Civil
  • BS – Computer Science
  • BS – Economics
  • BE – Electrical
  • BE – Environmental Engineering
  • BS – Finance and Accounting
  • BS – Geoinfomatics
  • BS – Industrial Design
  • LLB – Hons (Law)
  • BS – Mass Communication
  • BS – Mathematics
  • BE – Mechanical
  • BE –Metallurgy & Material
  • BS – Physics
  • BS – Psychology
  • BS –Public Administration
  • BE – Software Engineering

Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Topi

Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering Science and Technology is basically originated by the president of the Pakistan is located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. The University is under the supervision of the President and also working well day by day. It have the very good HEC score in the less amount of time as compare to other universities.

Ghulam Ishaq Khan University HEC Score: 56.03

Ghulam Ishaq Khan University Programs Offered

  • BS – Computer Science
  • BS – Computer Engineering
  • BS – Electrical Engineering
  • BS – Engineering Sciences
  • BS – Chemical Engineering
  • BS – Material Science & Engineering
  • BS – Mechanical Engineering
  • BS – Management Science

University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore (UET)

University of Engineering and Technology is the one of the oldest university in Pakistan. It is located in the Lahore. The university have worked very much regarding the research and teaching. This university is also known as UET Lahore as per their abbreviation.

UET Lahore HEC Score:  39.79

UET Lahore Program Offered

  • BSc. Architectural Engineering
  • B. Architecture
  • BSc. Civil Engineering
  • BSc. City and Regional Planning
  • BSc. Computer Science
  • BSc. Computer Engineering
  • BSc – Electrical Engineering
  • BSc – Geological Engineering
  • BBA
  • BSc. Environmental Engineering
  • BSc. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  • BSc. Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc. Mechatronics & Control Engineering
  • BSc. Mining Engineering
  • B.Sc. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
  • BSc. Petroleum & Gas Engineering
  • BSc. Product & Industrial Design
  • BSc. Polymer Engineering
  • BSc. Transportation Engineering
  • BSc. Chemical Engineering
  • BSc. Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc. Electrical Engineering

University of Engineering and Technology, Texila

Another University of Engineering and Technology that is located In Texila. The university also known as UET Texila. For more information regarding this university kindly visit their official Website.

UET Texila HEC Score: 39.05

UET Texila Program Offered

  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Biochemical Engineering
  • Metallurgy & Material Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Environment Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Telecommunication Engineering
  • Computer Science

Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad

The institute of space and Technology is the university is located in Islamabad. The university is working on Aerospace and Avionics related Engineering. These studies is learnt all about the Space. The Only University is in the Top 10 that is related to the Space.

IST Islamabad University HEC Score: 38.64

IST Islamabad Program Offered:

  • BSc. Electrical Engineering
  • BSc. Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc. Aerospace Engineering
  • BSc. Avionics Engineering
  • BSc. Computer Science
  • BSc. Material Science and Engineering
  • BSc. Space Science
  • BSc. Mathematics
  • BSc. Physics
  • BSc. Remote Sensing and Geo-information Science, Karachi

KPK university of Engineering and Technology, Peshawar

The KPK University of Engineering and Technology is located in the Peshawar City. The University is also known as UET Peshawar. It is Main and Old University in the Province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

UET Peshawar HEC Score: 30.53

UET Peshawar Program Offered:

  • BSc. Electrical Engineering
  • BSc. Mining Engineering
  • BSc. Chemical Engineering
  • BSc. Civil Engineering
  • BS – Computer Science
  • BSc. Engineering
  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • BSc. Agriculture Engineering

Mehran University of Science and Technology, Jamshoro MUET

The Mehran University of Science and Technology Jamshoro also known as MUET University. The Old and Very Big University of Engineering in Sindh Province of Pakistan. The University have various Program and Department of the Engineering either in Graduate or Post-Graduate.

MUET Jamshoro HEC Score: 29.70

MUET Jamshoro Program Offered:
Applied Mathematics

  • Architecture
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • City and Regional Planning
  • Coal Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Energy System Engineering
  • English Linguistics
  • Geo-Tech and Highway Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Metallurgy and Material Engineering
  • Mining Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Textile Engineering

NED University of Engineering and Technology

The NED University of Engineering and Technology is very much famous university in the engineering. It have two campus one in Islamabad known as Main Campus and Another in Karachi Campus. The University is all over working good and have much scope for Engineering.

NED University HEC Score: 28.16

NED Islamabad Program Offered:

  • Bachelor Automotive Engineering
  • Bachelor Chemical Engineering
  • Bachelor Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor Telecommunication Engineering
  • Bachelor Construction Engineering
  • Bachelor Electronic Engineering
  • Bachelor Urban Engineering
  • Bachelor Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering
  • Bachelor Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor Textile Engineering
  • Bachelor Bio Medical Engineering
  • Bachelor Software Engineering
  • Bachelor Materials Engineering
  • Bachelor Polymers & Petroleum Engineering
  • Bachelor Metallurgical Engineering
  • Bachelor Food Engineering
  • Bachelor Architecture
  • Bachelor Management Science
  • BSc Civil Engineering
  • BSc Mechanical Engineering
  • BSc Chemical Engineering
  • B.Tech Civil Engineering
  • B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
  • B.Tech Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor Construction Engineering

AIR University, Islamabad

The AIR University is the 10th position in the Top 10 Engineering Universities in Pakistan 2020 because of the HEC Score. The University have done lots of work in the Research field as Per IEEE bodies or other Research Committee. I don’t think how it could be the low but the HEC Check overall Performance score either in teaching or research.

AIR University HEC Score: 28.04

Air University Program Offered

BS – Aviation Management

BE – Electrical

BE – Mechatronics

BE – Mechanical

BE – Computer Engineering

BS – Computer Science

BS – Information Technology

BS – Cyber Security

BS – Accounting and Finance

BS – English

BS – Physics

BS – Mathematics

BS – Psychology

BS – Biomedical Engineering

BS – Health Care Management

BS – Tourism and Hospitality Management

BS – Gaming and Multimedia

BS – Software Engineering

BS – Artificial Engineering

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