Top 10 b2b Fashion Websites 2021


If you are planning to buy cosmetics, perfumes, skin, face, hair care products, or any other fashion components for yourself, then the ratings and websites list presented here will help you navigate the world of retail and identify the most popular, reliable and quality b2b platforms with the best deals for purchase. The selections include the largest and most popular fashion websites. Let’s get started right away!


If you are an ardent supporter of a healthy lifestyle and try to minimize the daily use of chemicals in cosmetic material, then you cannot do without visiting Cosmostuff. Here you will find not only natural beauty products, but also vitamins, nutritional supplements, groceries, homeopathic remedies and a vegan line of cosmetics. It is one of the leading b2b platforms and is known for its wide range of products. The site is brightly decorated, navigation is simple, and the search engine is highly optimized. Each product displayed on the site is described in great detail, with characteristics, composition and recommendations for use. It is possible to get acquainted with reviews for any product sold, as well as find out its rating.

Tabitha Simmons

Tabitha Simmons is quite popular as they sell fashionable women’s footwear prepared from the finest materials. The motto of this b2b website is beauty and sophistication in every detail. This resource is part of a large company selling niche cosmetics and fashion materials. The store presents several brands of luxury care products, but the main highlight that distinguishes Tabitha from other similar services is a large selection of exclusive copyright goods. If you wish to buy beauty products in a bulk quantity, this platform is definitely the best choice!

Verge Girl

Another famous online women’s fashion store with a high-spirited and irreverent style and approach. At Verge Girl, you are guaranteed to get quality products, because this online b2b site specializes in the sale of high-quality professional-grade cosmetics that can give a woman’s image a unique perfection, mystery and sophistication. The company is distinguished by an extremely serious attitude to the selection of the assortment – here you will find many specialized products for the care of hair and problem skin, and all products have a quality guarantee. 

Réalisation Par

This b2b cosmetics company specializes in dresses, skirts, and tops and features multiple views of each product. More than 3,000 products from well-known manufacturers are sold here, including high-quality decorative cosmetics, body care products, a catalog of preparations for skin with special needs, anti-aging creams and emulsions, and other beauty products. The website has its own loyalty system in the form of rewarding regular customers and crediting points for purchases, reviews, participation in contests. Also, depending on the amount of the order or the brand of the product, you can get an individual discounts and offers. This site is a one-stop solution to all your fashion and clothing needs!

Tucker Blair

This is one of the most known b2b fashion projects for the sale of clothing and cosmetics, which began to cooperate with buyers all across the globe, adapting the resource to the needs of every client. The list of brands in the store’s collection includes more than 750 items and prices are given in the preferred currency. For those who make an order for the very first time can get a 15% discount and free shipping. 

Rollie Nation

Rollie Nation is one of the most informative sites in our rating. Here you will find not only a large selection of quality shoes, but you can also read useful tips and find preferred store. Shoppers can also view informations about every shoe listed on the site, read customer reviews, and see related products. The visual range of the store is very pleasing to the eyes.


Another leading b2b fashion website where you will find not only a large selection of organic cosmetics, but you can also read useful tips from leading cosmetologists, participate in educational competitions and even undergo expert online skin diagnostics, which will make it easier for you to choose the necessary care products. Their live chat is super convenient and you can find any beauty product here you wish for.

Lady Burd

Lady Burd is one of the industry-leading b22 websites with a huge assortment and fairly low prices. The catalog constantly contains about 20,000 items, and the list is regularly updated with new products from legendary and little-known manufacturers of cosmetics and beauty oil products. Undoubtedly, this site ranks first in terms of the number of items sold and the diversity of prices.


Qosmedix is a certified global supplier to the beauty industry. Featured categories include disposable applicators, makeup brushes, spa wear, etc. Perhaps the best multi-brand platform for cosmetics and perfumery, which is visited by customers from all over the world. The target audience of the site is young progressive women who follow the market trends and are not afraid to experiment with their appearance. But this in no way means that you will not find classic samples in the store – a successful combination of time-tested decorative and care products with extravagant novelties is the hallmark of the project.

Forsythe Cosmetic Group Ltd

Forsythe is a forerunner in the nail industry. Their nail polishes were initially produced for salon and professionals in the industry, quickly becoming a favorite for nail artists all over the world. In addition to their renowned lacquers they now offer amazing gel polish! Being a leading b2b fashion website, they have a huge range of products to enhance the appearance of your nails. This platform could be the best choice for you if your wish is to get nail appliances in the bulk quantity.

You now know the top 10 b2b fashion websites, which one do you prefer to consider for your purchase?

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