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Things to Talk With Your Physician About Marijuana


These days, the health concerns of people have increased to a great extent. Every one or the other person is battling with one or the other disease. People are finding a victim to these stress, pollution levels, and hormonal imbalance. There can be different reasons as well. And the worst thing about it is living with it. 

It is incredibly challenging to live with chronic pain, especially when opioids are less available. So if you are also wondering about pain relief options, medical marijuana is an excellent option for you. But it is not easy to get medical marijuana. So when all the other options are failing to provide relief to people, here’s medical marijuana coming forward to make things easy for many sick people out there. 

But there are certain things you need to keep in mind while resorting to medical marijuana. Firstly you need to get an online medical marijuana card to ensure that you get superior quality products. Also, discuss with your doctor first whether medical marijuana will be the right fit for you or not. Here are the things one should discuss with the doctor about medical marijuana. 

Things to discuss with your doctor 

Before beginning with medical marijuana, it will be beneficial for you if you know its basics. Along with this, it is vital to understand the issues and concerns involved in the usage of medical marijuana. Finally, have a look at some of the things that will guide your conversation with the physician. 

Not all medical marijuana is the same 

The first thing to discuss with your doctor is the diverse types of medical marijuana, as not all medical cannabis is the same. There are hundreds of diverse strains of it. Cannabinoids are present in marijuana, and the two of the best cannabinoids are THC and CBD. The majority of the people prefer those strains that contain a combination of both compounds. It is said that low doses of THC are effective for treating anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Contrary to it, the higher doses are effective for pain relief. 

Treats a Variety of conditions 

The next thing you should discuss with your doctor is the conditions medical marijuana treats. Most probably, medical cannabis treats pain and anxiety. Other common conditions cured by medical cannabis include epilepsy, migraines, depression, Crohn’s disease, nausea, loss of appetite, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and many others. But keep one thing in mind that the conditions medical cannabis treats will differ from one state to another state and depend on the state you live in. 

Some people are not considered good candidates for medical marijuana. Ensure that your practitioner helps you with this, as other medications may be harmful to you, especially for pregnant women. Also, pregnant women should take medical marijuana after talking with the doctor first as there are chances to harm the baby. 

Several forms of medical marijuana 

While looking out for medical marijuana, ask your physician for the best form of medical marijuana, as it comes in various forms. Along with this, ask him to offer the suggested dosage and route of administration of medical cannabis. You can take it in a variety of forms like smoking, vaporizing, or topically. Suppose you visit the dispensary, and the staff there is also experienced and well informed; they can guide you to the best form of medical marijuana. The desired form of marijuana for you will depend on the results you are expecting and the health condition. Some patients prefer to grow their cannabis and talk about this with their doctor. 

Side effects 

There will be some side effects after taking the medical marijuana, but these are related to the dose and tend to occur more frequently in novice users and recreational consumers. The common side effects of medical cannabis include panic attacks, dysphoria, paranoia, and many others. Usually, the side effects are minor and not severe. Consequently, the best thing would be to go slow with medical marijuana. If you choose the best medical marijuanas doctor near me, then you can avoid these side effects. 

Recommendation from physician 

Ask your physician to provide you the medical cannabis recommendation if you are an appropriate candidate for the same as it can be used in your state. Usually, doctors don’t prescribe it, but they recommend the doses of medical marijuana that you need to take.

It will also serve to be of advantage to you when applying for the Ohio medical marijuanas card as it enables you to become a registered medical cannabis user in your state. The main benefit of having a medical marijuana card is that you can use it to protect yourself in the event of law to prove that you had it for a valid reason and not for something else. A medical marijuana card is an official document of the state and can help you avoid chaos. 

Laws of medical marijuana 

There are several online resources available from where you can learn the medical cannabis laws in your state. A variety of sites are there for this. Another option is to call your state legislators to gain more insight into the local rules and regulations. It is also essential for people to know that medical marijuana is prohibited under federal law. Still, in states with controlled medical marijuana laws, patients with a physician’s recommendation need not worry about this. 

Be open with your doctor 

Many people out there are not confident enough to bring up medical marijuana in front of their doctors. Few possible tactics can help you over here. You can try to talk with him indirectly, like some of your friends are taking medical marijuana. Other ways are mentioning the book you have read on a similar subject, or watched a documentary, or read some news on the internet. All these tactics will help start the conversation about medical marijuana with your doctor. 

Ask the doctor about the latest research 

No doubt, different researches are going on the subject of medical marijuana, but it doesn’t mean that your doctor must be aware of all those. You can enquire your doctor if he has attended any programs or workshops concerning medical marijuana recently or anything of this sort. This will give you an insight into his level of knowledge. Some physicians are well aware of this, but on the other hand, there are other physicians also who are not even aware of its dosage, value, or other things concerning medical cannabis. 

Look for an experienced doctor 

If your condition figures in the list of the state’s qualifying conditions, you must look for an experienced physician to guide you about it. If your primary care physician is not comfortable with it, you can ask him to refer you to a professional physician. You can also track this down by searching medical marijuana doctors near me. 

Impact of medical cannabis 

Lastly, ask your physician about the impact medical marijuana will have on your health and career. That’s why people should think many times before consuming medical marijuana, as it can have some adverse effects too. For instance, it can harm you if you are in life insurance premiums if the employer fails to understand the benefits of the drug. 

Wrapping up 

Make sure to ask your doctor about all these things mentioned above, along with the benefits and risks associated with medical marijuana. Then, look for the best medical marijuana doctors near me and get started with it. 

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