Things to Know About MBBS in China from Xuzhou Medical University


Studying MBBS at the right university can determine the full path of your future career. Studying at a Chinese university like Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU), you can realize your dreams while having a life-changing international experience. You can obtain an international medical degree and qualify as a doctor who can practice in India and other parts of the world. The Medical Council of India (MCI) recognized the MBBS degree of Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU).

All about Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU)

Xuzhou Medical College (XZMC) in Jiangsu Province, China, is a higher education institution managed by the Jiangsu Provincial Government. Located in a city full of history and culture, the university is the centre of medical education, service, and research in Jiangsu Province, a major medical university in China. Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU) offers bachelor’s degree programs in medicine, including doctorate programs in clinical medicine and biology.

The school is huge, with three campuses covering an area of 73 hectares. It has 18 departments, affiliated with 16 hospitals in the area. It has more than 1,300 employees and more than 14,000 students, including international students from all over the world. The university has a strong post-doctoral research station and has seven master’s degree programs in clinical medicine, biology, preclinical medicine, pharmacology, and medical technology. It also has five master’s nursing, public health, and clinical medicine, stomatology, and pharmacology programs.

Studying at Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU) in China

Since the MBBS program was launched in 2005, the university has trained more than 300 international students from 26 countries or regions. International students must take a 6 months preparatory course before earning a medical degree. The MBBS course covers 6 years, including a one-year internship period. In the MBBS course, the main subjects covered are clinical medicine and basic medicine. The main courses students study are anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, epidemiology, diagnostics, radiology, surgery, internal medicine, emergency medicine, etc. Students will also learn Chinese medicine and receive education about the Chinese language, history, and culture.

Admissions to Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU) in China

Individuals between the ages of 18 and 20 can apply to universities. They must complete their PUC (pre-university course or pre-degree course) or 12th standard courses, and their grades must be above average. Students must prove their English proficiency by providing IELTS (International English Language Test) certification or other recognized English proficiency tests. Students who wish to apply can apply between January and July. They can apply online and send photos, passport copy details, and transcripts. Selected students will receive an online admission notice and pay 50% of the tuition fee as an admission deposit. After that, the university will send the original visa application form and admission letter to the applicant, which will then be used to apply for a visa to study in China for a medical degree.

Tuition Fee at Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU)

Study MBBS in China fee structure for completing the MBBS degree at XZMU (Xuzhou Medical University) is Rs 33 lac per year, the duration of the MBBS program is 6 years. There are other fees, such as registration fee, Rs. 4,000 and a shared annual dormitory fee of 47,400. The university assists students with various other expenses and procedures, such as obtaining insurance, residence permit, physical examination, etc.

Scholarships for Indian Students at Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU)

The university provides several scholarships for students funded by the state or provincial government. Some of the scholarships offered include the Jasmine Jiangsu Provincial Government Scholarship for international students to encourage them to study in Jiangsu Province. Also, corporate scholarships aim to help students by providing financial aid and promoting cooperation between China and other countries. Other scholarships include Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU) President’s Foundation, University Scholarships, and International Education College Scholarships.

Lifestyle at Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU)

Xuzhou is one of the most advanced cities in the world. It has a long history and is the birthplace of the ancient Han Dynasty. It is close to Beijing and Shanghai. Therefore, trains and buses shuttle back and forth, and students can reach these major cities in just three hours. The university provides many conveniences for students to use health care, ATM (Automated Teller Machine), printing, and photocopying facilities in the university. There is a laundry area, gym facilities, and an art center that allows students to meet their various personal needs.

Students can choose to eat healthy and delicious food in the cafeteria or cook in their apartment building’s communal kitchen. International students live in dormitories specially prepared for them and provide hot water, air conditioning, and independent bathrooms. Life at Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU) is as comfortable as possible. Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU) in China is a first-class medical institution specializing in providing medical training for international students. At Xuzhou Medical University (XZMU), you can do your own MBBS and achieve your goal of becoming a doctor while broadening your horizons and having rich experience in China.

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