Decorate Your Home's Narrow Spaces

The Styling Guide to Decorate Your Home’s Narrow Spaces


When you think about decorating your home, narrow spaces don’t usually come to mind. Most people want to focus on the main areas of their house and forget about all the small hallways. But these narrow spaces can be just as important in creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors! Do you find yourself with a small space where your couch should be? Or, maybe you have a narrow hallway that leads to the bathroom? We know how nark and tiresome it can be to decorate these spaces. Narrow spaces can be one of the hardest places to decorate. It’s hard to find furniture that will fit and you may not have a lot of wall space for artwork. Fortunately, there are many ideas to make the most out of these kinds of small spaces. In this blog, we will discuss the decorative guide of your home’s narrow spaces with style and grace.

Mirrors, Mirrors on the Wall

One way to decorate a narrow corridor is with mirrors. This will help make space feel larger since it reflects light and doubles your view. You can also hang them on a side wall, or place them over furniture such as an entryway table for added effect. Mirrors make great decorative pieces! The big-size mirrors are the latest trend in the interior for confined places. a rectangular mirror on the wall with a beautiful frame will fill up space in the most stylish and interesting way.

Candles, Lanterns, and Candle stands

A great way to add light is with candles. Candles are a wonderful decorative piece and can be used in many ways. You can place them inside of lanterns, on candle holders, or just have them sitting out in the open for some added ambiance. Just make sure you keep your candles away from any flammable materials! The big size white candles or a darker candle stand on the aisle and a flower vase on the side will make the narrow corner cheer up and divine.

Light Fixtures

Another idea would be lighting fixtures. A chandelier is a wonderful addition to any hallway, entryway, or staircase. It can be as simple as hanging a string of lights above your doorway for some added ambiance and light during the night. a hanging light or a colorful lamp on the side will make your hallway look amazing. lights add life to a barren place. a touch of unique style lights will decor the area in the most exciting and inviting way.

Go for Runner Rugs

one of the best ways to decorate the narrow spaces is to go for runner rugs. Choose a runner in traditional pattern or kilim style. you can also go for a modern design and pattern. The best thing about runners is they are less expensive than larger carpets so if you make an expensive mistake during installation, you can easily swap it out for a new runner. a runner on the entrance will give you that cozy and homey look on entering your dream abode.

Colors and Textures

Decorating your hallways with minimal effort is easy. The key to defining any narrow space in the house is all about balance and harmony of colors and textures. It’s also essential to keep an open mind when shopping around so that you have different ideas on what will work the best for you.

What do colors and textures have to do with the balance? The answer is it’s all about opposites! You can’t create a sense of balance in an area without also considering how different elements will contrast each other. For example, if your place has lighter walls then you should incorporate darker accessories. This will give the space some contrast which might be what you’re looking for. Or if your walls are already dark then go with lighter furnishings or decor to make them stand out more. It’s all about experimenting and being creative! To incorporate color into a hallway, try using different patterns and designs of area rugs that have bright colors so that there is a pop of color when you walk into the area.

Hang a Shelf

one idea to make a hallway feel more open is to hang a shelf on one side of the wall. This will give you some space for pictures, decor, and other items that might not fit into your hallway otherwise. Try to keep the height of the shelf even with your eye level or slightly below. This way you don’t have a bunch of things blocking people from walking through your hallways and can still see what’s on top!

Console Tables and aisle

If you have a long hallway, try using an aisle runner at the end of it. This way your guests will feel like they’re walking down a red carpet and can’t wait to see what’s on the other side! If you don’t want to use an aisle runner then consider placing console tables in your hallways to fill up some of the space and create more places to set keys, purses, or anything else you might have.

Play with the Art

 One of the easiest and trendy ways to decorate your hallways and corridors is with the artwork. Instead of filling up all your space on walls, find smaller pieces that will look good without taking away from your corridor’s natural beauty. Remember: there are no rules when it comes to art! If you have a large painting or prints then it’s perfect for the corridor.

Think about what type of art you want to display in your hallway. Are there any large paintings or photos that won’t fit on the walls? Try hanging them up as a way to fill space! Add artwork where it wouldn’t normally go, like hallways and corridors. Look for larger pieces that would look great but don’t look out of space and dominative.

Plants and Greenery

A corridor can be like a hallway and carry the same natural feel! Instead of filling up all your space with furniture, add foliage around the edges. It will make it seem more open than having everything crammed in one small place. Fill vases with flowers or fresh plants to fill those hallways without taking away from their beauty. If you have a staircase leading up to your home, consider putting plants on the steps. This will fill any space that is open in and give it an airy feel for such narrow spaces! The best part of this idea is that not only does it look beautiful but also smells amazing when everything starts blooming.

Wrapping Up 

Our advice for decorating hallways, corridors, and entrances of your home is simple. Add a rug to the narrow spaces in your house that are often ignored like corners or open doorways. If you want something more traditional or handwoven, then we recommend our runner rugs because they come with rich designs and patterns! And if you’re not sure where to start as far as choosing colors to go, just let us know at RugKnots so we can help guide you through it all from design to style – but rest assured that whatever decision you make will be an excellent one. You deserve this beautiful entrance into your home after all!

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