The Best Type of Fabric for Your Handmade Cushions

The Best Type of Fabric for Your Handmade Cushions

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Your cushions define your home giving a sense of the statement. Hence, it is important to choose wisely what type of fabric you will be using for your homes that accent your interior. There are various types of upholstery fabric you can find available that are commonly used and best for cushions. Incorporation of your fabrics for your home is important in making your handmade cushions to ensure the balance of the interior.

Making cushions can save you more costs if you plan ahead on the materials that you will be using. Selecting the perfect fabric for your cushions should involve proper research on the cushion fabric that is best among the various types of fabrics available.

Here are the common and best types of fabric for your handmade cushions.

Cotton and linen

One of the most common fabrics for manufacturing cushions is cotton and linen with the fabric being hard wearing and washable.

Canvas. The fibers of cotton and linen are natural which is good for sensitive skins. The texture of the fabric also provides cool touch that is perfect during the summer season.

However, if your cushions are for sofas or chair, there may be a problem as this fabric creases quite considerably. This upholstery fabric can also be used for outdoor cushions, but be careful in exposing it directly to environmental elements such as the sun as fading may occur. Usually, linen fabrics blended with cotton fabrics can lessen its tendency to crease.


  Canvas fabric is known to be an extremely strong cotton fabric. It has the quality to be extremely hard wearing and resists weather which is good for outdoor cushions. A variety of colors for canvas fabric is available that is easily waterproofed.

Silk or wool

For your accent cushions that serve more like a decoration rather than functional, this fabric is a good choice. With silk, the materials and quality it possesses, this type of upholstery fabric is considered as one of the most luxurious upholstery fabrics available with its costs; More so with wool. The materials of wool fabric are from animals and the fibers of this fabric are natural that makes it more expensive.

Both are versatile and tactile. However, the silk or wool upholstery fabric for your cushions requires specialist cleaning to maintain its original quality. Hence, acquiring this type of fabric for cushions is contraindicated in households with the presence of pets or children.


The quality of leather as an upholstery fabric for your cushions is that it is recommended for locations or households where the tendency for wear is evident. This  fabric is commonly known to be user-friendly in the long run with the maturity of the patina and texture of the fabric.

 The problem with leather fabric is that this type of fabric is not easy to clean and most importantly, the location of where the cushion will be placed is one thing to consider. If you opt for durable fabric for your cushions leather is one to choose which also contains the quality of being a waterproof fabric.

Polyester and nylon

Polyester and nylon are made of synthetic material commonly used as covers for cushions. With the fabric being synthetic, it is hard-wearing, washable, and durable. It is important to check the colorfastness of the fabric based on the manufacturers’ instructions given that other fabrics may be more hard wearing than other man-made fabrics.


There is a trend for using velvet fabric as an upholstery fabric for your cushions is common. In the plans of providing a luxury feel in your home, velvet fabric can be one of the options.

Faux fur

This type of fabric is less durable than others. The fabric will last with its strength. However, washing this type of upholstery fabric frequently may cause wear-and-tear cushions that make this type of fabric less luxurious and functional.

Make one now!

Choosing a fabric for making cushion covers is one step towards the process of creating it. It is important to consider plenty of things such as patterns, color, design, and etc before actually making it to ensure that your efforts will not be in vain. There are loads of fabric collection for you to check out for this process.

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