The Best Networking Solution to Your Networking Problems


The best networking solution to your networking problems is available here. If you are someone who works in a corporate office and uses Wi-Fi at home for entertainment purposes such as content streaming, gaming, and other miscellaneous activities then you know the struggle that comes with latency and slow speed. These issues are often accompanied by the long-range. But sometimes even when you are closer to the router you still get dead zones and unable to connect to the Wi-Fi properly these issues have nothing to do with the ISP but have to do a lot with your house or office.

If your house is cover with woods or has a lot of walls then you may be facing such issues. I have faced such issues and had enough of them. It was really annoyed with the buffering and the high latency even though my Wi-Fi router was in the room next to mine.

I had enough of this problem and so searched online to find a solution. Then I bought a rockspace extender for my home and it worked amazingly well. It’s performance was as expected and was really affordable. The setup was also very easy and I did it by logging into re.rockspace.local setup and modified my extender from there. Below is a set of a detailed yet concise list of setup instructions.

Setting up the extender best networking solution

The setup process is nothing but a piece of cake and can be done by anyone even those who do not possess any technical knowledge whatsoever. It took me about 20 minutes to set it up as I was changing a lot of advanced settings. There are many ways to set up the extender and they will be mentioned below. Before setting up the extender make sure to carefully unbox the extender and remove all the pieces of packaging then, plug it into a power socket and turn it on. for the best networking solution.

Now, once the repeater has been turn on you can set it up using one of two ways either by using an ethernet cable or by wirelessly connecting it with your smartphone.

Rockspace Login Setup

To set it up using an ethernet cable connect the ethernet cable to the extender. Then insert the other end into your personal computer and head over to the default gateway by typing in the default i.p address. Now enter your login credentials or you can also head over to the rockspace extender login page and set up the extender for best networking solution. Once you have logged in to the page you can configure the repeater to your desired settings.

You can also change the SSID and password and set it as a new access point or you can connect to your existing router by selecting the scan option and clicking on your router from the list of available devices.

If you don’t want to set-up the extender wirelessly then, make sure that the extender is connect with your smartphone or laptop. Then the setup process is the exact same. You can also set-up the extender using WPS button. To do that press and hold the WPS button at the back of the extender for about 3 seconds till the lights start flashing. Then do the same on the main Wi-Fi router.

Once the connection has been establish you will see that the internet symbol will have turned green from blue. If you find that the default page shows re.rockspace.local not working then follow the troubleshooting instructions given below for best networking solution.

Extender troubleshooting and firmware update

If you have issues with your extender and want to find a solution then, follow the instructions given below. If your extender was not connecting the main router then try rebooting it. But if it didn’t solve the problem then try factory resetting it.

To do that press and hold the reset button for 2 seconds till the lights start flashing rapidly then wait for 2 minutes till the device completes the resetting process. After the device has been reset follow the above-mention setup instructions to properly setup your extender.

Also, make sure to check your firmware version as an outdated firmware also causes such issues. To update your firmware log in to the default page and click the update option in the system settings. But before that search for the model number on the internet to get the rockspace extender firmware file. Then select the firmware and click on update to update the extender.

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