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The Best Marketing Tips For Instagram 2021


Since Instagram was released, I love it and I am an honest user all the time. Instagram is a platform that we all love to upload photos and receive “likes”. It is also quite intuitive when it comes to following a marketing strategy and giving visibility to a commercial brand. But we are not taking out all the potential it has.

That is the reason why you do not generate engagement with your community. And faced with this difficulty, many end up abandoning their marketing strategy on Instagram over time.

But to prevent you from reaching this point and not throw away all the effort and money invested, here we will leave you some tips that may work for you.

How to improve your profile to do marketing on Instagram

Many professionals, businesses and companies have decided to go from personal profiles to brand profiles to improve their corporate image and build an online community around it. It is important to know that having any type of profile with good content and design ideas on Instagram is essential because this is your best cover letter.

So, to optimize your profile, you can follow the following tips:

Use the same fonts for images with text. If you’ve started using one font type, don’t change overnight and use a totally different one.

Include quality watermark on your images. If you decide to do it, check that it is not pixelated or disproportionate.

Add corporate links in your bio. There are some tools with which the user can open different links that you are interested in showing, gathered in a single link (of your website, landing pages or articles).

Follow the same chromatic style in your posts. That is, define the colors, filters or retouching of your photos to follow a coherence in your feed.

Instagram marketing tips for an attractive feed

Don’t think that just creating a business profile on Instagram and uploading photos every other day is enough. When communicating with the community, you need to go the extra mile and be creative.

So here are some tips to help you establish a strong brand image. And not only that! If you have an online store, your sales will increase.

1. Plan your content: You can start by creating a social media calendar so that you keep track of each of the publications and do not miss a day without publishing.

2. Follow a publication frequency: On the other hand, study the frequency of your publications and the best time to publish. To do this, the only way to hit the nail on the head is by trying and running different tests.

3. Follow a style in line with your brand: Use your corporate colors so that your users connect quickly with your brand. And decide what type of feed you are going to choose; color feed, horizontal, vertical, checkerboard, framed, large feed or puzzle.

4. Add hashtags in the descriptions: Use hashtags so that people who do not follow you and find your publication with a specific hashtag come to you and know your business. Without a doubt, a good Instagram marketing idea to increase brand visibility.

Other new features: Instagram Shopping and IGTV

These are two Instagram functions that are currently trending, and we could not finish this post without mentioning them so that you also consider them in your marketing strategy on Instagram.

Let’s learn more about its characteristics:

The potential of Instagram Shopping

With this feature, stores can add price tags to their products. So when users see a photo with a “tap to see product” label, it means they can press a button to get the price of the product. If the user is interested, they will click on it, and then a blue “buy” button will appear.

For Instagram Shopping to be effective, you must process the images carefully; These must be of the highest quality and must show a perfect angle to show the true condition of the product. Only then can the user click and make a purchase.

Video marketing on IGTV

Video is a format that helps web positioning, and users like it a lot. That’s why Instagram launched its new feature, IGTV, to make its video marketing strategy easier for businesses.

In stories, you can only upload videos of up to 15 seconds (and 60 seconds for videos in the feed). There are many Instagram video maker could help you create Instagram short videos. You can try FlexClip which could save you a lot of money and time.

Now with Instagram TV, you can create videos of between 15 seconds and 10 minutes, and even verified accounts could create videos of up to 1 hour. Although we recommend that you create videos of between 2 and 5 minutes so as not to bore the user.


If you want to be successful on Instagram, get the tips we shared above and if you have any other tips, do comment below.

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