Surprising Your Friend Who Lives in a Different City


All of us have that one special friend who is dear to us and is closest to our heart. That friend is the person who knows all about us, who has spent most of their time with us or we have spent the best of our times with them. However, we would not be living with those friends as of now owing to certain changes in our life. Maybe that friend lives in a different city because of their education, job, or family requirements. No matter if our friend stays away from us we can always stay connected to them through social media and keep strengthening our friendship by exchanging gifts or through an online cake delivery. Exchanging gifts with our friends is a good way of keeping in touch with them and maintaining our relationship. If you have your best friend staying away from you in some different city and want to surprise them with some or the other gift and make them feel happy while staying away from you, You can follow this simple guide listed below and give a pleasant surprise to your friend. 

Get into a conversation with your friend
It happens very often that we become busy in our lives and almost forget to drop a text to our friends or call them. It might even happen that weeks or months would pass without you contacting our friend. If you too haven’t had a conversation with your friends for a long time, it would be a nice idea to initiate a conversation with them so that you may get to know what is happening in their life and is there something that you may need to do to help them and make them feel better? A simple way of starting a conversation could be through replying to their social media stories or post. 

A surprise visit to their town 
What else can be better than finding out your friend’s address in the city and giving a knock on the door one fine morning so that they feel pleasantly surprised to watch their friend standing right in front of them after such a long time? You can visit various places in the town together and have a nice time. If not visiting the places then you can spend your day at their home itself and watch movies together or simply talk to each other while sitting in a room.

Send them your warm wishes on their birthday. 
You may send them a photo cake on their birthday in order to make them feel happy and realize that their friends are always there for him and that they love him and would never leave him alone in their life. Also, receiving a special gift on a special day from the special people in their life would make your friend feel overwhelmed, and they might actually have a happy birthday. 

A surprise video call 
There must have been a time where you would have spent your entire day with your friend either in school or college, and you would have spent the time playing or laughing together, but now you can no longer do that owing to the fact that you live in different cities. Just like you, your friend might be missing the special moments too. You can recreate them in a virtual manner by giving them a surprise video call, and you can spend our time together. Doing so might make you feel good as even while staying apart, you would get that feeling of being close to each other. 

Ask for somebody to help you
You may get in touch with someone who knows your friend and might be living in the same city so that you can cooperate with them and execute your plans well so that there would not be any problem in your surprise; the other person can suggest you with better ideas too. 

Nothing can be better than visiting the friend and spending some time with them, but if you cannot do this, then you still have the option of Online cake delivery in Chandigarh that will make your friend happy to realize that his friends care about him and do not leave any chance to express their affection towards him. 

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