Step by step Guide about the Amplifi Router


The Amplifi router is an amazing broad-band home-based Wi-Fi networking device. It’s designed using the 2.4GHz and 5GHz latest technology. This delivers the best coverage of the network signal. Through its front touchscreen gateway, you can get all the information. Its features are adjustable antennas, touchscreen color full display, signal LED’s light, magnetic network signal connector, Mesh point base system, and adjustable antennas. The Amplifi router Wi-Fi is best for your computers, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and Pc. Its smart signal technology brings ubiquitously to exceeding the Wi-Fi coverage in your whole room.

This high-density Mesh Wi-Fi router is used as a stand-alone router and it can also be used as multiple Mesh Wi-Fi systems. The Amplifi router made up using the latest and innovative ideas. This router delivers a maximum speed of coverage of the internet and provides the best throughput for online streaming, gaming, and E-Mail or file transfer, etc. You can quickly manage and control this router by using the App.

Access the login page of the Amplifi Router

Before login your router, keep your router and Modem. Then you have to turn on the power of your router. Connect your Modem with an Ethernet Cable and also attach your Router LAN port. The indicators flash the green color light. Attach your power adapter with the Amplifi router and Plug-In your power adaptor on the power access point. Now, turn on the power of your Modem.

Log in to the Amplifi router, using any of your devices open a Web browser. Type in address bar Your Router IP address and Amplifi.lan. Search this address and wait. The Login page accessed now by the Web browser. Look on your Pc, the login box appears on the Pc screen. To complete the login process of your router, you have to Enter in the login box your Router admin username and security password. Click on the next page or press the Enter key. Now, the Amplifi Router login process is complete.

Set up of the Amplifi Router Wi-Fi network

After the login, you can quickly manage and access your setup page, through the Web-browser or using the Amplifi app. Using your Pc Web browser, complete your all login credentials using the router default username and security password. Once done, the Amplifi setup page is accessible now, look on your Pc. the Setting option available on your Pc. You have to click on this Option, to do the Amplifi Router Setup. Then, you have to click on the advanced setting option or wireless setup option. Through the Wireless setup, you can change your router security password and username. After changing into the router setting, click on the Next option or apply option. Follow on-screen instructions and complete the Amplifi router setup. The Amplifi router setup is complete now in a proper manner.

Amplifi Router Firmware update

To update your Router firmware, please visit your Pc play store. Download the Amplifi app from the Google play store. After downloading this app, install it. Then, to open this app, click on this App icon. Follow or accept all terms and conditions of this app. Click on the sign-in option and use your mobile number or E-Mail Id to complete the sign-in process. After this login to your router using the router default username and password. After completing the login credentials, the App page shows a firmware update option.

Click on the Amplifi Firmware update option to add the new features to your router. Install the new version of your router. The new version updated your router now. After updating your router, you have to restart your router. Turn on the power of your Pc and connect with your Amplifi router. Verify that your router Wi-Fi network is properly working now. Congrats, the Amplifi Router firmware update process is completing now successfully.

More things to know about this Wi-Fi Router

This router made up using innovative ideas and using advanced features in this router. You can easily manage and control this router usage data, through its colorful touchscreen. You can set data usage limits through its touchscreen gateway. It enhances the Wi-fi signal range in long distancing areas and dead zone areas. Its magnetic signal antennas quickly catch the router signal. Through the WPS button or reset button, you can quickly complete the Reset process without causing any issue.

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