Some facts into Javascript development


Javascript is one of the most ubiquitous software types in the world. The History of Javascript explains what you can do with it and also provides useful tidbits for programmers and website designers alike.

The software was first invented by a company who you could argue one of the internet pioneers netscape who was like the first main internet browser kind of like Google or Yahoo of the past so they were a very smart or good Company before Microsoft is basically done better than them overall.

A Nickname or short form of this be JS.

Brendan Eich made this programming language but at the time it was called Mocha instead.

Eich also had many impressive other projects such as he helped created Brave Browser which  you could argue is big competitor to Google now and you could claim as well it would be like in some ways like Netscape 2.

Javascript is a programming language that is used by a vast majority of web designers and programmers in order to develop functional websites and programs. Javascript lets you create functional websites with the purpose of the user experience. Whether you are a programmer or website designer, you need Javascript.

It was created in 1995 September so it’s quite an older form of coding form but still updated or improved all the time meaning it’s probably not going to disappear or go away any time soon .

Websites can use this to do more less anything such as 

  • Games
  • make different styles
  • contact forms

make app style such as allow video calls to take place from within a site

Tetris itself can be coded into the Javascript popular the most popular or famous game ever invented showing you how diverse this language can allow us to complete many different things for allowing fun or work or education among other areas to happen.

Styles can go many different forms more less an unlimited amount of kinds overall such as simply green or and black together it can look clean and simple or high spec depending on what you get coded onto the HTML .

Contact forms can allow simply a way for your customer or people to communicate with you this is overall a very important feature to have on any online business more less it and in some countries, it can be required under law to have an easy way to contact you for example if you run a business and your country government need a way to contact you over a law then having this type of form in place is smart or simply an email which is checked often by you or anyone else working for you overall.

Making video calls may sound a bit strange to you from if you think everyone prefers to email overall so why anyone wants to give you a standard phone call or video call well many businesses or people, in general, prefer to communicate these forms to have a way to do this on a site can be useful to allow more trust to placed on your business or simply make it look a more professional organization overall as well to be fair .

It’s overall quite hard to find a web without some kind of software involving this which does not use some form of this language meaning if you can understand how to work this or know it better can give you many possible career jobs possible routes or simply make your website more efficient or provide more functions overall for why many people make sure of this every day of the week .

The world biggest search engine Google itself relies on this coding languages when they are one of the richest or most successful companies in the world it does show in a lot of ways it can be used at an advanced level as well as more simple form as well depending on the need for each task needing done in relation to this all. 

Facebook the biggest social media service at the moment again relies on this service for some of the features   it provides for users or workers at the company as well.

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