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Simple Ways to Keep Your Business Space Clean


Keeping your business space clean and hygienic is not only important for your employee’s health in these post-COVID times but is also important for increasing productivity. Here are a few simple ways you can ensure your working environment is organized and sanitary.

Don’t Hesitate to Throw Away or Donate What You Don’t Use

The simple way to figure out what to keep and what to get rid of is to make three piles. One pile contains what you use every day, one contains things you occasionally use, and the last pile contains stuff you never use. Things you never need will not improve the quality of your work. This doesn’t mean you have to throw out your good luck charm or favorite figurine, but keep it to a minimum.

Clean Up the Wires

Offices today are run on IT. This includes desktops or laptops, printers and scanners, headphones, chargers and you know the rest. The tangled web of wires needed to keep these essential machines working is a terrific dust catcher. It may appear as if a giant spider is running your office. There are several ways to hide these wires, including desks with open spaces in the back, so everything can be stuffed in there as well as strips that are surge protectors for all of your items to use a single outlet. It’s bad enough for clients to see the tangled web you weave, but when it is covered with dust, they may just want to exit as fast as possible.

Pay Attention to the Floor

The floor, whether it is carpet, tile or wood is the one place that collects just about everything. Spilled drinks, crumbs, whatever is on the shoes of people from outside, wear and tear dust and much more all end up on the floor. Carpets especially collect bacteria and other pathogens that pollute the indoor air quality. You may not realize how dirty the carpets are because a complicated design hides the stains. To remedy this, steam cleaning is the best option. For hard surfaces, many companies regularly deep clean with non-toxic, environmentally cleaners.

Regular Thorough Physical Cleaning

A professional cleaning will consist of a once-a-year thorough cleaning. For example, getting a professional Toronto duct cleaning will rest assure you that the warm or cool air being blasted into your office is clean and not spreading pathogens throughout the building. But along with that, you will need to spend at least 15 minutes a week tidying up your desk. This means recycling papers and other things that don’t contribute to the efficiency of your workspace. At this time, you can wipe down your desktop to remove dust and coffee rings. Organizing and cleaning your workspace is a key component to helping you focus on the job.

Consider Your Daily Habits

Do you eat at your desk? Do you use beverage containers as paperweights? Do you forget to wash your hands with soap and water or sanitizer after using the toilet or going outside to a crowded place? If you do any of these things, you are contributing to unhygienic business space. The remedy is easy. Keep hand sanitizer at your desk. Only eat in the designated areas and if you have a cup of coffee at your desk, always keep it on a washable coaster.


Whatever kind of workspace you have, keeping it clean and uncluttered will make a big difference in keeping your mind clean and uncluttered. Whether you have a private office or are working on a team project in a large area, take a few minutes each week to attend to organization and sanitation. You will be amazed at how much it helps your productivity.

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