Simple Dressing Rules to Follow for First Date


First dates are exciting. You have a giddy feeling in your stomach and you don’t know what to expect. It could either go very well and could be your last “first date” or it could go horribly wrong and you might want to skip the dessert and take a leave as soon as possible. Either way, you won’t know how it will unfold before you go. And if you are on that date, you would always want to make a great first impression. You start that with looking your sharpest. You must keep in mind the type of date it is before you pick an outfit. Wear cute casual tops for women along with jeans and best luxury sneakers for women for a coffee date. Switch to dress if you are going on a dinner date. You can follow below mentioned rules to look your best on the first date.

Dress according to the location

You could be excited to wear sleeveless waist defined v neck dress for women but if you are going to a sporting event or an outdoor activity then your outfit will not work. It is important that you check what the plan for the date is and pick clothes accordingly. A pair of well fitted jeans along with cotton blend women’s tops will work well on everything from a date to a museum to a movie night.

Don’t wear something that is not you

It is important that you do not suddenly change your personal style when heading out for a date. Pick outfits and clothes that you would wear otherwise as well. Do not be under any compulsion to follow any fashion trend if it is not your style. Quite often people try and second guess what their date will like and end up wearing a certain outfit. But the fact of the matter is, you do not know the person all that well on the first date, so you cannot make assumptions about what they like and dislike. And it is always best to be true to yourself, especially on a first date. To get a peek at the best women’s dresses online for all occasions.

Wear something comfortable

It happens quite often that you wear a dress or a top and you keep adjusting the length or the neckline or wear shoes that you are not comfortable in just because they look nice. Do not make this mistake on the first date. You want to be as comfortable as you can be while looking sharp. If all your focus is on keeping the dress in its place, then you will not be able to enjoy yourself. Choose casual floral dresses for women and luxury high heel sandals that you feel comfortable in. Even if it is a new dress or heels, make sure you wear them for a while and see if there is anything you need to be careful about.

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