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If you are running a website you know the importance of Online Presence for a Company’s Growth. But, are you aware that you may be sharing your server with multiple other users who can easily impact your website’s performance. If your website is hosted over the Shared Server a server crash, poor loading speed and deficiency of server resources are very common. 

So, what’s the solution? If you want to scale your business and outrun your competitors you need the Dedicated Server India. It provides faster-loading speed, exclusive server resources, and much more, leading to your business’s significant growth. 

But the next question that arises is, are Dedicated Servers in India expensive than Shared servers? Yes! It is expensive. But the cost depends upon the following factors –

  • The Network Bandwidth you will need
  • The Server Resources and Operating System you choose
  • The Level of Security and Data Backup required

Considering only the Cost Factor is not wise. You should also look towards the unbeatable benefits the India Dedicated Server will reap for your business. We have highlighted the benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting India in detail below.

How Dedicated Server India is beneficial for your business?

The Dedicated Server India provides robust power and scalability. It will help in increasing your business revenue manifolds through the benefits given below –

Absolute Use of Dedicated Resources

The India Dedicated Server provides you absolute control and access to the server resources. One of the most important benefits which is missing in a Shared Server. 

The entire server resources including the RAM, CPU, Bandwidth, etc are yours. 

You can use the server resources as per your specification. The Dedicated Server easily manages high traffic with its advanced set of resources. 

You can install your required applications or software on your server without any restrictions. You have complete root access.

Completely opposite of Shared Server, the Dedicated Server provides you the freedom and control to operate the server according to you.

High Flexibility to Handle your Growing Business

If you want to scale your business you will require flexible server hosting. The India Dedicated Server provides you the flexibility to pick custom configurations for your server. As the business grows the need to alter the current server applications and software arises. So, with the Dedicated Server, you can easily modify or increase your present resources to meet the growing business requirements.

The option for flexibility also helps in improving the loading speed and user experience of the website. Faster Loading Speed will help you in achieving higher rankings in the search results and will also build the trust of the users.

Greater Performance and Reliability

The Dedicated Server Hosting in India improves the performance of your website. With large and highly scalable resources the probability of server crashes is very low. 

It fulfills the requirement of extra resources during traffic spikes and also provides high bandwidth for faster loading of Images and Videos. So, with such excellent features, the visitors get the best-in-class user experience leading to increased sales and revenue.

Strict Security Measures

With the Dedicated Server, you will receive advanced security measures. Your data will be protected from spammers and hackers. 

With the independent server environment and no sharing of resources, nobody has the authority to access your server data. Additionally, the Dedicated Server is also protected with DDoS attack prevention. Also, there are Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention, and Malware Protection to avoid any kind of Security Risk.

No Capital or Maintenance Cost

Another important benefit of Dedicated Server Hosting is, you do not need to bear any cost of Installation, Maintenance, etc. While if you install your own server you have to bear the Rent, Electricity, Internet, Server purchasing, installation, and various other expenses. Further to manage the server you will have to hire a team of technical experts. So all of this will consume a lot of your time and money. 

While when you buy the Best Dedicated Server India plan you have to pay just the monthly or yearly server hosting charges. 

After knowing all these benefits you must have decided to choose the Dedicated Server India for your further business operations. So, next, we’ll shed light on the Best Dedicated Server in India provided by Serverwala.

Know About Serverwala: The Best Dedicated Server Provider in India

Dedicated Server India by Serverwala

Serverwala is a prominent Hosting Provider with globally accessible services. They have customers located across 200+ countries. They provide various hosting services including, Shared Server, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server, and Reseller Hosting. Serverwala’s India Dedicated Server is loaded with premium features and is available at affordable pricing.

  • Get Complete Root Access to your Server
  • Get High Speed, Performance, and Reliability
  • Protect your important data with advanced security features
  • Host Unlimited Websites over your server network
  • Choose suitable Control Panel and Operating System
  • High Scalability and Customization options available
  • Get 24/7 Customer Support from an experienced technical team
  • Get Free server setup and account migration.

For detailed information, you can visit their website.

In a Nutshell

At the initial stages of the business, the Shared Server works well. But, if you desire to scale up you need the Dedicated Server India. Serverwala’s Dedicated Server Hosting India will provide you with robust power, unbeatable speed, premium resources, and complete support for significant business growth.

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