Pudzianator Free Online Slot


Among the fans of Polish slot games there are many that , aside from gambling, also like MMA fights. it’s an absolutely explosive mix which will take your emotions to the fore. And just such extreme emotions are provided by one among the foremost popular online slots of the Polish company Promatic with the surprising title “Pudzianator”. Of course, MMA amateurs know who the name refers to. Of course, it’s about the five-time World Strongman Champion and MMA fighter, Mariusz Pudzianowski, referred to as “Pudzian” or “Dominator”.

Pudzianator coin machine https://polski-sloty.com/pudzianator/ may be a simple slot supported traditional rules and pertaining to the planet of fights. the sport takes place during a ring surrounded by a crowd of individuals, decorated in dark graphics, the sounds of fighting and rotating drums are often heard from the megaphones, and therefore the animated Pudzianowski from the corner screens gives the player strength.

If you’re curious about this Polish accent among online games, we invite you to undertake Pudzianator demo on our website. Absolutely free and no risk of losing. A no deposit bonus is out there to all or any those that want to check their skills, imagine what it’s wish to be an MMA fighter or train before playing for real money .

Pudzianator – technical information about the slot

Pudzianator Automat is that the first branded game by Promatic, which has been operating on the web gaming marketplace for over 20 years. it had been released to the market in October 2019 and has since gained an outsized crowd of fans.

The Pudzianator game offers what’s commonest for video slots: simple rules and clear graphics. it’s supported 5 reels, 3 rows and 27 paylines. It allows you to form relatively low bets, from 0.05 to 10 coins, and its RTP, i.e. the player’s return is as high as 96.12%.

Apart from the essential symbols, Pudzianator also has two special symbols (Wild and Scatter). the previous replaces any base symbol to extend the prospect of winning combinations. On the opposite hand, the Scatter, or scatter symbol, gives you the chance to win up to 405 free spins that the symbols pay double.
An additional attraction is that the Gamble option, which may be a short game that starts after each winning hand. rather than choosing a card suit, typical for other slot games, during this Gamble game you’ve got to back whether Pudzianowski appearing on the screen will hit his opponent accurately or not. If we bet correctly, our winnings will double. If not, we’ll lose what we’ve won.

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