Premium Tyres Ensure Safety

Premium Tyres Ensure Safety!


Budget is an important aspect to consider while buying tyres. It also helps in narrowing down your options. Depending on the performance and price range, tyres are divided into three categories: Premium, mid-range, and Budget. Tyres falling in each of these categories have specific features suitable for various customers. 

Premium tyres

This category contains tyres of the highest quality. They are made of excellent rubber quality to provide durability. Premium tyres are known for their outstanding performance, no matter what the weather or road condition is. Companies selling these tyres put in extra efforts to make desirable products. Performance of Premium tyres can’t be matched. They ensure great handling while steering and accelerating. 

Your tyres hold the weight of your car. Premium tyres are efficient enough to withstand the vehicle weight and also perform well on unpleasant roads. Their tread compound has the strength to endure bumps and other heavy damages. Premium tyres are equipped with special tread patterns for effective wet road handling. This also helps in gripping well on the road. 

The only downfall is Premium Tyres come with a heavy price tag. They may not necessarily fit your budget. But their performance speaks for the price. 

Mid-range tyres

Tyres falling in this category are not as expensive as the premium ones. But they also cost more than the Budget tyres. The same goes for quality and performance. Mid-range tyres fall in the middle. Given their price, they perform really well on different kinds of roads. They are made of good quality material. 

Mid-range tyres are efficient and long-lasting. They are durable and don’t wear prematurely. The companies that make Premium tyres also manufacture Mid-range ones. So there’s no big difference between the quality of these two categories.

You can expect smooth and comfortable drives with Mid-range tyres. They form the best option at a reasonable price. The traction and grip of these tyres are also worth your money. Mid-range tyres will not ditch you in the middle of the road unless there’s a harsh puncture. 

Regular drivers who often drive the car and cover long distances should prefer buying tyres from the above two categories. They are more durable and trustworthy. 

Budget tyres

Normally, big brands do not sell budget tyres. These are the tyres online made by some small companies or dealers. The ultimate USP of budget tyres is their price. They cost way less than the other two counterparts. However, their quality is not as good as theirs. 

Budget tyres can deliver average rides and they can also last longer if taken very good care of. But you can’t use them for regular driving. If you drive long distances quite often, these tyres aren’t for you. Budget tyres can only be used for occasional or emergency purposes. 

This doesn’t mean they aren’t worth anything. If you cover very short distances and rarely touch your car, there’s no point in spending a hefty amount on tyres. Budget tyres will do just fine for you. 

Safety should be considered

Your safety depends on the tyres to a great extent. They connect the road to the vehicle. Your vehicle’s weight is also distributed evenly among the tyres. A small error in the functioning of tyres and your life can be put in danger. Safety should be your priority and tyres should be bought considering this factor. 

Premium tyres are popular for their strong grip on different road types. They also resist most contacts with hard objects. This makes them suitable for rough roads as well. 

Mid-range tyres also deliver performance almost similar to the Premium ones. They help in keeping you safe. You can still opt for budget tyres but your safety is not guaranteed. Premium and Mid-range tyres also come with a warranty. This ensures that you are investing in the right product. 

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