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Write Any Two Symptoms of the System Being Infected by a Virus


Name any two popular antivirus program.

The popular antivirus program can indeed help you in protecting your computer from know and unknown viruses.

If you’re reading, that means you haven’t installed any security solution, resulting in doubt of getting infected by a computer virus.

As there are tons of threats emerging in today’s digital world, every individual and organisation must keep their system protected. Read on as you will know in brief about viruses, how they infect a system, the symptoms you should look out for and how to remove the virus.

Computer Viruses & How do they infect a system.

Viruses are designed to sneak into your system, bypassing the security to collect sensitive information, spread itself or disrupt the operating system. Cybercriminals deploy them to damage or take control of the system/device.

Suppose one of your computer’s application or program is already infected by a virus. That application will later execute itself in the system to give access to the virus to load its malicious code into the computer’s memory.

The virus will later spread itself by infecting the other installed application, also install malicious codes wherever they can. Once a virus has full control of your computer system, it will execute its primary goal to let the attack do the dirty job.

The symptoms/signs of a being infected by a computer virus

If you’re experiencing unusual behaviours from your computer, to confirm whether or not the virus infects the system, look out for the below symptoms.

  • Your device may unexpectedly start slowing down, and it’s not because you’ve low memory or specs.
  • There will resource consumption as well as the available memory in your computer, will decrease.
  • Unknow programs start getting installed by itself.
  • Some of your files, documents, programs will be missing.
  • Some of your files will be corrupted.
  • Your system will unexpectedly start rebooting itself.
  • Some of the programs won’t work correctly.
  • Unexpected pop-ups and messages will appear.
  • Your computer will start making noise even though you aren’t running any heavy application.

How to remove the virus if your system is infected

If you have confirmed that the virus infects your computer, it’s time to remove it immediately. You can follow the virus removal instructions below.

Enter Safe Mode. 

  • Reboot your computer by holding the Shift key. After the restart, in the Boot menu, go to Advanced Options >Startup Settings >Restart.
  • This time when your computer restarts, press 5.
  • Time to delete unnecessary files.
  • After entering Safe Mode, run the Disk Cleanup tool on Windows.
  • To open Disk Cleanup, click on Start and then click on Windows Administrative Tools.
  • A window will open, select the hard drive you want to clean up.
  • Select all Temporary Files and then click on OK to remove them from your computer.

Download an antivirus.

It downloads an antivirus like Trend Micro or Kaspersky that provides real-time scanning and useful virus detection capabilities.

If you already have an antivirus, immediately run a Full Scan.

Run a deep scan using antivirus.

To quickly identify and remove the virus from your computer, run a deep scan using your installed antivirus program. If there is real-time scanning, after the deep scan, proceed with it.

You should ultimately remove the virus from your computer. And to make sure your computer doesn’t get infected again, install one of the popular antivirus programs listed below.

Protect two popular antivirus program

  • Trend Micro Security

Trend Micro Security offers a robust solution that protects both business, enterprises and individuals. Using Trend Micro for enterprises, you can protect an entire network and enhance security to secure sensitive data and transactions.

This popular antivirus program is undoubtedly one of the best in the market. It comes with excellent virus and malware protection. There is also a wide range of consumer products offered, such as Maximum and Internet Security.

Trend Micro guarantees 100% protection as well as a 30-day trial for you to decide whether you want to invest in the security solution.

  • Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky Antivirus is one of the most trusted as well as popular antivirus program in the market. It offers comprehensive security against malware and numerous know and unknown viruses.

You get tons of features capable of ensuring complete protection, which can fulfil your security needs. You get a lot of security features at a reasonable price as the antivirus itself is easy to use.

You protect up to five devices by paying $90 for one year, and if you want ten device protection, it will cost around $150. Kaspersky antivirus supports Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Final Thoughts

You always take measures not to get infected by any computer viruses, getting infected itself is a pain, you must avoid that. You can practice cybersecurity measures and install a popular antivirus program to enhance the security of the system.

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