Visit in Wayanad During the Winter Season

Places to Visit in Wayanad During the Winter Season


Wayanad is alluring despite the type of weather. Be it sunny or rainy, Wayanad has its own charm. Cradled in the midst of peaks, Wayanad houses lush greenery and rich natural bounty. From wildlife sanctuaries to spellbinding viewpoints at the top of the peaks, one needs to set aside a minimum of two days to get an overall view of Wayanad. It is also a place that has many ethnic tribes whose lifestyle is very much distinctive from the others. Together, Wayanad is a wholesome place to have a holiday especially during winters as the fog makes it all the or better. You can find a lot of enchanting resorts in Wayanad to make your stay thrilling and enjoyable during the winter season. To experience the real beauty of Wayanad, a resort would be more suitable rather than a luxury hotel. It will help you to easily access other tourist places nearby.

Take a look at the must visit places in Wayanad to make your winter season joyful

 1. Edakkal Caves

Edakkal caves are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Wayanad. It is located 12 km from Sulthan Bathery. Visiting Edakkal caves can take you back in time. It is situated in the tall and herculean Ambukuthi Hills. Massive trekking is required to reach the top. The caves contain the inscriptions made by Neolithic men. The caves are nearly a thousand years old and are situated 1200 mt above sea level. One can get a sprawling view of Wayanad from the top of it. The phantom rock at the top and the wall carvings on the cave walls are the major attractions. It is estimated that the carvings date back to 6,000 BC. 

 2. Chembra Peak

 A trek to the highest peak in Wayanad and is often loved by the tourists because of its pristine nature and greenery. It is also one of the most strongly protected areas in terms of an ecosystem. Trekking is possible in Chembra peak but taking prior permission is mandatory. One can also make use of the trekking guides to further enrich the experience as they can give more details about the place. It takes an hour of trekking to reach the top that is 2,100 m above sea level. There are several springs which the tourists can enjoy on their way up. The way leading to Chembra Peak is also enchanting as it winds through dense tea estates.

 3. Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Wayanad is rich with several wildlife sanctuaries. Of the many, Muthanga is one of the busiest spots throughout the year. Muthanga is home to several kinds of animals including various species of deers, elephants, monkeys, and numerous birds. The Forest Department also arranges for elephant rides when asked. The trek into the large sprawling woods can be an exciting adventure for kids and adults alike. If you are into wildlife photography this is one chance to capture some thrilling images. The sanctuary is also a Project Elephant Site ensued for the conservation of elephants.

 4. Kuruva Island

Kuruva Island is situated in the middle of the Kabani River. It is home to countless and exquisite flora and fauna. One can find a variety of species there. If you are a green lover, this would be the ultimate spot for you. Kuruva island boasts of an evergreen forest. If you are looking for a getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city and the increasing pollution, then this is the spot. It can give you tranquility that will help you reconnect with nature and your own spirit. One can also enjoy exciting bamboo rafting here. It is one of the many attractions of the place. It is also the ideal location for bird watching as several exotic species are found here.

 5. Pookode Lake

Nestled in the chest of Western Ghat, Pookode lake is perfect for an evening chill. Boating in the Pookode lake would be fun as well as a rejuvenating experience. Several types of boating options are available and tourists can choose one of their choices. There is also a freshwater aquarium that holds various types of fish, big to small. It would be a delightful experience for children. Besides these, there is also a shopping center selling handicrafts and exotic spices. In short, Pookode lake alone can give you an excellent time with your friends and family.

 6. Banasura Dam

Banasura Dam is much popular as India’s largest earthen dam. It also boasts of being the second-largest in the whole of Asia. It is a kilometer long and a perfect place to witness the December mist and chilliness. The ecosystem around is well-preserved and it inbounds the water of tributaries of the Kabani River. The view surrounding the dam is exhilarating. The hazy outline of the mountains and the serene river can give a slow perfect evening. There are also adventures like speedboat rides through the lake. The Banasura Hill Resort built in the truly traditional way is yet another attraction in the place. It will traverse you back in time and would fill you with a rustic feel and grace. It would be a perfect getaway to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

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