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Pandya Store 24th October 2022 Written Update: Krish Gets Furious

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Pandya Store 24th October 2022 Written Episode Update on Trendz 4 Friend
Latest Pandya Store 24th October 2022

The episode starts with Dhara asking Krish wherever Shweta is. She says that she looked through the total house, however she’s not anyplace. She asks Krish if she has gone out. As Krish stays silent, Dhara phones Shweta and finds her phone changed. Dhara notices Krish is sweating and asks what happened. Dev asks Krish to answer Dhara. Krish thinks that Dev may be a useless brother.

Krish lies that Shweta has gone to the parlor. Dhara asks why she had gone to the parlor once all the functions were over. Krish says that she has gone to urge prepared for the primary night. Dhara feels awkward hearing this. She asks Krish to inform her once she returns home. She leaves. Krish scolds Dev for not serving to him. Dev asks Krish wherever Shweta has extremely gone. Krish says to Dev that he doesn’t recognize and raises Dev to ask Shweta once she returns home.

Shweta returns home. She remembers her mom’s words. Dhara sees Shweta. She runs to Dhara and hugs her. Shweta remembers her female parent creating Dhara Chiku’s shielder and forcing her to come back to Pandyas’ house. Shweta thinks that Dhara unfree her oldsters by her flattery and vows to require revenge on Pandyas by staying in their house. Dhara asks Shweta concerning attending to the parlor. Shweta denies it. Krish goes to them and tries to require Shweta away, however Dhara takes Shweta along with her by locution that he will refer to her within the evening.

Dhara takes a adorned up Shweta to Krish’s space. Dhara says to Shweta to forget the past and specialize in her gift and future with Krish. Meanwhile, Krish is decided to urge a solution from Shweta concerning the flight price tag to metropolis. Here Dhara says to Shweta that she desires Shweta to like Krish and respect him the maximum amount as he loves and respects her. She asks Shweta to not break her trust. Shweta assures Dhara that she won’t. Shweta goes within the space. Dhara desires for his or her happiness.

Shweta spoils the heartshape created on the bed with the flower petals, that shocks Krish. She lies in bed and gets able to sleep. Krish stops Shweta. He shows Shweta her price tag and visa for metropolis. He asks wherever his and Chiku’s tickets if she has planned a honeymoon trip. He asks what the matter is. Shweta reveals her true colours. She says that she doesn’t need the quality to require him beside her. On the opposite hand, Dhara prays to God for Krish’s happiness. Gautam signs her to come back quick. Here Shweta asks Krish United Nations agency he’s for her to require him along with her. Krish reminds her that he’s her husband.

Shweta insults Krish that he isn’t even capable of changing into her driver, that angers Krish. He asks Shweta why she married him if she has issues together with his standing. He understands that she ran away to her parents’ house as she didn’t need to stay this wedding, however they convinced her and sent her back. Shweta admits that she didn’t need to marry Krish, however she had to marry him against her desires. She says that he has no right to question her. There, Dhara prays to God to strengthen Shweta and Krish’s wedding bond and fill their life happily. Gautam urges Dhara to come back. Dhara leaves with Gautam.

Here, Krish says to Shweta that he can refer to her oldsters. He says that she doesn’t have to be compelled to be with him, against her desires. Shweta taunts that Pandyas wish to become Mahans. She says that all of them wish to rule over her life. She expresses her emotion for Dhara, that enrages Krish. The latter warns Shweta to not speak a word against Dhara. He reminds Shweta that Dhara saved Shweta and Chiku’s lives, took care of Chiku and loved him over her. Shweta yells that Dhara snatched her rights and ruined her dream.

Dhara and Gautam square measure on the terrace. Dhara signs Gautam to place the flower in her hair. Gautam obliges. He kisses her and hugs her. Here Krish says that Rishita was right. She is angry as Dhara was created Chiku’s shielder. Shweta yells that she lost her parents’ property as a result of Dhara. Krish realizes that Shweta married him to become Chiku’s shielder because it was her parents’ condition to her. Shweta admits an equivalent and insults Krish.

The episode ends.

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