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Online schools and connectivity: Netgear n300 provides answers


Here are the details about Netgear n300 router device. Ever since the global lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, all institutions have done online and have taken all they could from the resources the internet provides. The world stop but they couldn’t be stop online. The internet has prove to be the best invention ever made by human beings as we never stop living even when everyone in the whole world was at home. We still laughed, learned and even worked online. Myself, being a teacher had a few troubles while teaching online.

First of all, the students where not accustome to being taught in a online environment and didn’t have a whole lot of interest. Secondly ,the room that I had reserved for teaching was far away from my internet router and therefore put the trouble on me for having a bad connection. I wanted to get rid of this problem and didn’t really know how. I could have simply brought the router closer to the room but that would’ve hindered the connection for other people in the house. Therefore I decided to bring in the Netgear n300 extender setup into my house. This would prove as an excellent solution.

Setting up the extender

As soon as I got it back home I decide to set it up. I unpacked it and plugged it in and turned it on. I turned on my personal computer and then connected it to the extender wirelessly and then went on to access the offline setup link. Completing the Netgear n300 setup via was a simple task. I simply went to the browser on my pc and then typed the aforementioned link on the address bar. I could’ve also used the IP address on the extender to access the same link. After that I needed to enter a few right credentials in the login page.

After logging in successfully I could enter the details of my existent router in order to club it with the extender. Now, After this I was done with the link setup. Now the extender was easily getting connect with the router and relaying network. I needed to now place it in the room that I needed the network to be in. I did that exactly and had excellent network in the room that I had reserved for teaching students online.

This was the Netgear n300 setup without the WPS

If you wanted to complete Netgear n300 setup via wps the you needn’t worry. All you need to do is to find the WPS button on the extender. You will be able to find a similar on the router. After you locate both of them proceed to press the on the router and then the one in the extender. You will be guide by the LED lights on both the router and the extender if the connection was made. If not the LEDs will tell you so. The WPS method is a secure way of connecting your extender and router or any mobile device without sharing the password and still establishing a secure connection. The extender is quite compact and light weight and fit literally anywhere. You will experience the best type of connectivity when you this one around.

Using the reset to factory settings option

If you ever wanted to reset your device back to its factory settings. You can easily do it using the reset button present on the extender. You will need to press and hold the button until the LED blinks and the reset procedure is started. After a minute the device will be reset to its factory settings. You can also do the same using the offline setup link where you will be able to find a reset option using which you can easily reset the device back to its factory settings.

You can also use the setup link to look for and download and install updates to the extenders firmware. If you do it regularly your extender will be at its peak performance all the time. Bring the Netgear n300 home and easily set it up so that you can have a seamless connection and appreciate the internet for what it has given us.

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