NRIs Can Register for Birth Certificates Online in India


NRIs Can Register for Birth Certificates Online in India

Birth registration is a must under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 (RBD Act) in India. There is a civil authority and its system to f

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Birth registration is a must under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969 (RBD Act) in India. There is a civil authority and its system to follow if you want to get a birth certificate through online and offline methods.  

This blog will help you to understand the accurate procedure of its application both online and offline ways, what documents you require, and which authority to reach out to. 

Let’s get started to discover the answers to these queries.  

Where to Request for Birth Certificate?

For NRIs or non-residents, there is little possibility of physically visiting and applying for it. Mostly, they prefer the embassy office to forward their request to India’s civil authority.

  1. Gram Panchayat in villages
  2. Municipal Corporation in cities, states, and towns

 These are the local authorities that are accountable for registering any new birth & death in India.  Since emigrants from India (NRIs) are unable to visit mostly, the consul entertains and administers this request. 

What Documents are Needed for Verification?

For a layman, there are a few documents that can support the application for anyone’s birth registration. If you have these proofs, your application would be approved.

Let’s get through what documents are needed for this purpose. 

  • Proof of birth letter that the hospital provides. Hospitals have the authority to provide the birth letter at the time of its occurrence
  • Birth proofs of parents 
  • A self-attested copy of any one of your address proofs
  • Address proof including voter ID card, electricity or utility bills, passport, Aadhaar card, & ration card are acceptable.

Documents required for NRIs to register their ward’s birth (as per

The guidelines for the documents in this case differ. You may follow these criteria: 

  • A photocopy of the birth certificate of the child
  • A photocopy of the passport of both the parents
  • A photocopy of the certificate of Indian citizenship if acquired by registration/naturalization
  • A photocopy of the marriage certificate of the parents
  • Declaration letter stating that the child does not have a passport from any other country.

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Guidelines for Image Uploading (for NRIs)

  • Require passport size photograph
  • Image should be 100 (length)X120pixels (width) only 
  • Size should be under 120 KB
  • Follow JPG format

Guidelines for Document Uploading 

  • Include all aforementioned documents
  • Scanned copies should be converted into PDFs of each doc.
  • The size of each PDF should be under 1024 KB.

How can NRIs get your birth certificate online?

Before applying for it, you should have all documents ready. However, parents should request within 21 days of the occurrence of that birth. A late request can also be made. But this delay would be penalized with an extra penalty fee. 

The following steps can be helpful in getting it online: 

Step 1: Visit the embassy website for the Birth Registration website (for NRIs). 

For native Indians, accessing the website through this link i.e. can help. 

Step 2: Access the application form. Take a printout of the application, fill it up, and forward it to the concerned Registrar. 

Avoid posting it to the registrar at the given address at the bottom of the application. 

Step 3: Upload all the requisite documents for verification.

Step 4: Receive a confirmation mail on your email ID. Get all updates on the application status once you sent it to the concerned registrar.

Step 5: Enter the Application Reference Number on the website or given link to check the status of your application.

Step 6: Once the entire verification at the backend is completed, the birth certificate will be issued and delivered to the given address of the non-residents.

As aforesaid, the delay in registration would be penalized with the increased fee. You have to report the delay under the Delayed Registration provisions and pay the penalty fee. 

If you receive it without the name of the child, request the concerned registration authority to enter the name. This request should be raised within 12 months and no fee is charged for it during that time period. 

The fee to Charge for Registration

The fee amount is not fixed. Every state here charges a different fee. So is the state of the penalty. Generally, the fee starts from INR 20 if you register it within 21 days. And, the penalty can be INR 5 per day from the date of the delay.

Therefore, this is hard to confirm the exact fee charged for this purpose. 

This is how any non-resident of India can get the name of his ward registered with the native authority of birth and death registration. 


The birth registration of an NRI child can be possible in India. The parents have to raise a request for the birth certificate via the embassy website. Provide the proofs of address, parents’ affidavit,  passport, and birth documents from the hospital. Get it done within 21 days of birth. Later, the penalty is imposed.