Mi Home Security 360 Camera

Now Setup Make Easy of MI Home Security 360 Camera


The Mi Home Security 360 Camera is for those people who are looking for a Wi-Fi-enabled home security camera that has vast features and can be accessed through a phone. You will have to download and install the Mi Home app for the Mi home security 360 camera setup. Open the app and create an account if you don’t have one already. After you have signed in using either your email address or phone number, select the ‘devices nearby’ option or the “plus” (+) sign on the app’s homepage. It should be in the top right corner. Choose your Mi home security camera from the list of devices. You can also add your camera device manually. Upon registering your camera on the app, you will need to reset the camera. 

Mi Home Security 360 Camera Details

So, when your camera is plugged on the power source and has calibrated itself in the horizontal and vertical axis, press and hold the ‘reset’ button found at the base of the camera. Wait until you find that the LED light near the lens is blinking orange. Now click on the ‘Next’ button. You will have the option to choose a Wi-Fi network from the list. Find the QR code on your Mi Home app and scan it using your camera; it is better if you turn on the brightness of your camera. Wait till your camera’s LED light turns blue; this indicates that the setup process is still ongoing. You will get a notification once the process completes. Decide a ‘unique’ name for your camera device and place your camera in your desired location. You will be able to monitor your camera using your phone device.

Mi home security camera setup with Alexa

You will want to complete Mi home security setup with Alexa so that you are able to control the camera feed from your Amazon devices and enjoy various features. This is suitable for people who let their pets or stay at home to check upon them. You will also need an Alexa-enabled smart speaker. Once your Mi home app is set, you have downloaded the Alexa app and logged in to your Alexa account, select and enable the ‘skills’ option for your camera on the Alexa app. Set-by-step instructions will show up, follow through them. Using the ‘add device’ option, you will let Alexa find your camera device; you can also give Alexa’s speaker a command –“Discover my devices”. Your camera device will show up in the list of devices on your Alexa app. It is always suggested to use a unique name for every camera device since otherwise, it will cause confusion and the Alexa voice commands would refuse to work.

Mi home security camera basic 1080p setup

Today all the businesses and some homes are being deployed with a security camera for surveillance purposes. You will make use of the Mi Home app and you need an active internet connection in order to use this camera. Download and login to your Mi home account using your username and password. Follow through the app instructions to setup and name your camera. When a QR code appears, you will have to scan it using your camera and gradually the Mi home security basic 1080p setup will complete. Finally locate the camera at your desired location.

Mi basic 1080p camera installation

Before you perform the Mi basic 1080p camera installation, you must add a micro SD card inside it. Decide the place you want to install the camera and drill two holes on the wall – should be according to your camera’s base. Into those holes, you will have to put the plastic anchors in a way that the arrow is pointing up. Fit in the base unit and tighten the screws. The raised area of the base unit should match the camera’s bottom grooves and press them down. Lock the camera in the correct position. Check if the camera is covering the areas you want to record, otherwise you will have to adjust it.

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