Most Effective Way to Submit a Reconsideration Request


When a site’s positions fall, a web page owner will struggle to comprehend why their web page decreased in positions and where the junk problems occurred so that they can easily fix the issue.

In many situations a web page owner will not even recognize something is incorrect with his/her web page until the web page was hit by one of the criteria changes.

Luckily, any SEO company will provide web page owners the opportunity to fix his/her web page and then publish what is known as a reconsideration ask for.

A reconsideration ask for is something that any SEO consultant can complete to notify them that the problems on the web page have been set.

The ask for should only take a few moments to complete, and your SEO consultant will tell you when they have obtained the ask for.

When to Complete Out a Reconsideration Request

Not everyone should complete a reconsideration ask for. Below are three circumstances where a reconsideration ask for is appropriate.

If you know you have breached one of the recommendations, then fresh up your web page and let them know you have washed the web page up through a reconsideration ask for.

If your SEO consultant has informed you that something was incorrect. For example, if you have been compromised and your SEO consultant you know, fresh it up and then data declare reconsideration.

If you see a lack of search visitors and position and you know this to be junk issue, should again fresh up your web page and then let them know through the reconsideration type.

Many websites are too fast to complete a reconsideration ask for type. It is essential that you really work to fix your web page before submitting a type. In other terms, create it count!

Tips from Google: How to File a Appropriate Reconsideration Request

Making sure that your reconsideration ask for really matters comes down to following a few easy guidelines and guidelines that your SEO consultant demands web page owners keep in mind:


Be as particular as possible when stuffing our your type. You wan to create sure you clearly condition what particular junk issue/violation you had with your web page and then what actions you took to fix the issue.

If you are not sure what was incorrect with your web page then you likely still have not set the issue, so it’s essential to take all of the actions you can to figure out the issue.

For example, create sure someone out there has not compromised into your web page or that your SEO group knows what they are doing.

Read the Guidelines

Any SEO consultant dislikes nothing more than getting a ask for from someone who clearly does not know what your SEO consultant wants in the first position.

Studying the Webmaster Quality Guidelines offered by your SEO consultant could possibly response the concerns of many web page owners, so it’s essential to examine this out first before you run to the reconsideration ask for type.

Technical Issue

Many web page owners have a technological issue that they error as an impact from Panda or Penguin. You should do not just have a technological issue before delivering in a ask for type.

Submit One Form

If you publish a reconsideration ask for, your SEO consultant will get it. Sending several demands is seen as bombarding your SEO consultant, so just be individual.

Submit one ask for and believe in that it will get seemed over and you will be informed in a few times.

Following these easy guidelines will help make sure that your ask for is taken seriously and you will get the response that you are entitled to.

Yes, you study that correctly—Google will deliver you an response about the position of your web page after the ask for has been obtained.

What Happens After You Submit a Reconsideration Request

Once you deliver in your proper ask for, your SEO consultant will do a wide range of things with that request:

When there was a guide junk activity on your web page, your SEO consultant will have an real individual from web-spam group to look at that ask for.

Google will be able to see what the guide junk activity was that was placed on your web page in previous, which will help them figure out if you have set the issue.

Google will be able to see what you had written in your ask for.

Google will examine out web page and use tools to assess the excellent of your web page. In common, a your SEO consultant will basically be looking to see if the web page is still breaking recommendations or if it is junk free.

Google has also created some changes as to what happens when they are completed analyzing your web page and reading your ask for.

In the last, your SEO consultant would not do anything or have any get in touch with with a web page owner, and then they created the decision to deliver you a concept allowing you to know that they obtained your ask for but never actually let you know what occurred to the web page.

Now your SEO consultant describes that they will work to actually deliver you a concept allowing you to know if they were able to fix your web page or why you are still in breach. If you think you have been hit with a penalty then it helps to keep an eye on your rankings by using effective SEO rank software so you can see any changes within hours.

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