Marketing on Instagram through Hashtags

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We all know how hashtags work on Twitter and Facebook to keep topics organized, or to allow you to reconnect your messages with the people that may be interested in them. It works similarly on Instagram, as your business is supposed to follow specific hashtags in your routine Instagram feed because it helps you in getting connected with customers who may be likely interested in your product or service.

The most important thing to know is which hashtags perform best with your target audience. And to identify that requires relying on different tools Instagram offers to measure impact. These tools are very useful in measuring the impact of hashtags you use on Instagram.

After you discover the hashtags, you need to create a strategy. Instagram allows you to include a maximum of 30 hashtags for each post. The search for Instagram hashtag will show you about all posts that are associated with that particular hashtag. To build a good hashtag strategy, you should ideally choose hashtags from four categories. The combination of different types of hashtags will maximize the reach of your post, and will also get you connectd to your target audience.

Tags that describe the particular location is very helpful, especially for businesses that are targeting a local consumer base. Though, there are no definitive statistics available to show the number of searches on Instagram, there is no dearth of success stories about businesses being found by Instagram users, leading to sales.

This suits businesses such as restaurants, retail, and other brick-and-mortar outlets. There are always people on move looking for a place for lunch, or dinner. Instagram’s search algorithm is designed in such a way, it  will show content that is related to a location-based business if that has its address set up through Facebook or Instagram.

After you have your hashtags and your strategy and your location tags in place, how do you ensure that all these factors are running in sync to the best of their abilities for your business? Here, analytics will give you important data about impact — the who, where, and when of engagement from your target audience.

You can use free analytic tools to help you manage those valuable insights. Through your business account you can assess the impact of your marketing efforts, find out the details of your followers, when they normally engage with Instagram, and what your top posts are, and which ones don’t matter at all. Getting the right insights is equivalent to track the right metrics. Therefore, if you are looking for metrics that show you which users on your website from Instagram would be considered positive and open to buying and which ones are cold.

After having managed the analytics data that are tailor made for your business, what are you supposed do with it? The most natural thing will be to use the insights to create more effective posts and promotions. And to achieve that you can use Instagram Insights, a native analytics tool that provides data on follower demographics and actions, as well as your content. Such information makes it easier to compare content, measure campaigns, and see how individual posts are performing.

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