Manali – Leh Highway Travel Guide


On Manali to Leh Highway, published earlier on my blog, there were few articles. Now to understand them all in a single location I would like to make it a Manali – Leh ladakh Highway Travel Guide along with the Manali Leh Highway tourist information list.

Manali – Leh Highway is without any doubt the most adventurous and the most magnificent of all India’s highways. All lovers of adventure dream of journeying at least once in their lives on the 474 KM long Manalí – Leh road trip.

I strongly believe that everyone who loves to travel, whether it is an adventure love or a lover of nature or any form, needs and must at least once in their lives travel Manali – Leh Highway. I am fortunate enough personally to have traveled several times during the last ten years, as of 2018, on a journey through Manali Leh. And in the future, I want to do it again many times.

The road in many places is desolate, so it is best to plan the journey and get the most information before going to Ladakh.

I hope to find all my friends or colleagues complete information or everything they want to know about Manali – Leh Highway only on one site with this extensive guide on the Manali Leh road tour. I also fusioned in this article the major places to visit on the route to Manali Leh.

Who keeps the Leh road Manali?

The Manali – Leh Highway allows you to experience nearly every form of raw mother nature on earth. Technically, this highway is being managed by BRO and its responsibility has been further divided between project Deepak and project Himank.

Project Deepak maintains Manali to Sarchu (222 km) area of the Himachal-Pradesh region and Sarchu to Leh (252.4 km/h) in the Ladakh area of Jammu and Kashmir. Project Himank is responsible for the section from Sarchu to Kams.

Planning the Trip

You can refer to the link below to help you plan your journey on the Manali – Leh Highway and learn more about how to plan your journey on the Leh – Leh Highway.

The following is an overview of the best season of Manali – Leh Highway, Manali – Leh Highway travel modes, Manali – Leh Busses to Leh, public services such as ATMs, Petrol Pumps and Liquor Shops.

Where to Stay

An article on road conditions and the Manali Leh Highway Status is also available annually. To receive updates on road closure, road opening, water crossings, etc., you should be able to do this.

Manali Leh Highway offers many options. Before you go there, it is always better to know or have the list of all Manali – Leh Highway accommodation places because you can’t predict what will come to rescue in so unpredictable terrain. Therefore, it is always favorable to have as many details as possible when making a road trip in Manali Leh.

The following link contains the information on their contacts, location, price range, experiences and so on. I compiled the list of accommodation or stay options in Manali – Leh Highway. Details are available in the Article List of Manali–Leh Highway accommodation options

Importance of Acclimatization

Because on Manali – Leh Highway you would travel more than 14000 feet over about 300 km, it’s very much IMPORTANT that you understand the importance of acclimatization and AMS or mountain disease. There have been many instances in which people doubt if babies or children are to be taken to Leh – Ladakh or Manali – Leh Highway.

In such cases, I have compiled a short text on the link below to answer your questions and doubts. The article contains AMS information and acclimatization information that helps you to improve your acclimatization. It reduces the risk of AMS and mountain disease if babies or children are safely transported to Leh – Ladakh and what precautions they need to take, etc. All details can be read in the article Acute mountain disease and acknowledgment

For clothing to be used for Manali Leh road trips, lower and upper thermal layers should always be dressed ON. In shining sunshine, it may irritate in lower hills, but with increasing altitude, in shades, at night and mornings it is certainly helpful or when the weather is dark. When you go to Manali – Leh Highway, you need to wear heavy labels.

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