Malkangni Oil for Erectile Dysfunction

Malkangni Oil for Erectile Dysfunction


Natural treatment is considered the best treatment for several male weaknesses including erectile dysfunction. Natural treatment is the only treatment that permanently cures the underlying issues that are manifested in the form of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a male weakness involving weak erection or soft erection that is difficult to sustain. The erection problem is not a disease, but a symptom of underlying issues that affect the erection process. The difference between medicines and natural cure lies in the fact that natural cure cures the root cause of erection, while medicines provide temporary relief from the erection issue. Let us study how Malkangni oil can help males.

Malkangni oil for erectile dysfunction

Malkangni oil has shown excellent results in treating anxiety, osteoarthritis and low desire in males. Treating these issues helps male to get back their erection process to overcome erection weakness. It is extracted from Malkangni seeds. The oil has sedative, antidepressant, and antiulcer properties.

Anxiety is a major issue among younger males behind erectile dysfunction. Malkangani oil manages the anxiety by its soothing impact on the nervous system. The oil is prescribed by Ayurvedic experts, as it is believed in Ayurvedic system that anxiety is due to Vata imbalance, which oil restores.  Vata controls physical movements and the central nervous system. The prescribed method involving Malkangani oil reduces the anxiety symptoms to lower the erection problem based on anxiety alone. Experts recommend mixing oil drops with lukewarm milk for the best results. The regular use after dinner at night ensures desired results after a couple of weeks. Males depending on Sildenafil citrate 200mg to overcome anxiety induced erectile issues can end their dependency on the medicine.

Managing arthritis

 Osteoarthritis is a cause behind erectile difficulties in seniors. It hampers the physical activity, and restricts the frequency of the intimate sessions. Since seniors find it difficult to get engaged in pain free physical sessions, the long absence later creates problems in erection.  The oil acts as a natural pain reliever to cure swelling, joint pains, stiff joints, etc.

The seniors are advised to use the oil drops with milk or honey at night after dinner. Regular use will cure the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Libido loss makes it difficult to get the needed physical arousal for effective use of erection boosting medicines. Doctors recommend physical stimulation even when prescribing a higher generic Cialis 60 mg dose. Low libido often causes erectile difficulties in mid aged males. Malkangni as an aphrodisiac supports stimulation after swallowing erection boosting dose.  Males reported improved stamina after regular use of  oil lukewarm milk.

Males suffering from asthma are a major hindrance in effective performance. Asthma makes it difficult to complete the session with the partner. Daily massage on the chest area with Malkangni oil relaxes respiratory passage. Massage also removes deposits of mucus in the lungs, which reduces pressure on them and eases breathing.

Strengthening the nerves

Weak nerves of male organ make it difficult to sustain the erection even when male has not confirmed erectile issues. Weak nerves do not support the flow of blood needed for achieving full potential of the organ. Medical experts recommend massaging with oil to increase strength of male organ nerves.

Malkangni oil can be an effective aid in curing underlying issues of the erectile problem. It is part of the traditional cure recommended by Ayurveda experts. However, there is no evidence to suggest that oil use can overcome severe cases of erectile issue or it can substitute a higher Levitra 60 mg.  But regular use lowers the difficulties that give rise to erection issues in males.


Malkangni oil is a natural product which can be put to various uses. It is an excellent anxiety booster, relieves joint pain, relaxes stiff joint muscles, improves stamina, and has aphrodisiac property.  During winter conditions, its warm sensation improves muscle movements by removing muscle pain. The massage with the oil increases blood circulation in seniors. In addition to male weakness, the oil can also be used as hair tonic, reducing inflammation, and managing stress. Consult a medical expert or Ayurveda expert for dosage information and precautions that may be needed for desired results.

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