Linksys RE6500 Extender Setup


Linksys RE6500 AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender

Linksys RE6500 AC1750 Wi-Fi Range Extender is a brand new version of extenders published by Linksys, infused with new features such as the ability to work with 802.11ac dual band range, expand network coverage up to 9000 sq. ft., and much more. Such characteristics entice users to purchase it and learn more about it.

Linksys RE6500 Setup is a very simple process. In this post, we’ll use the configuration wizard to set up the extender. First, double-check that your router, SSID, and password are all set. 

Now follow the steps below:

  • Link your Linksys RE6500 extender to a power outlet near your router.
  • When the light turns solid amber, the extender is ready for installation.
  • Now toggle on WiFi on all of your WiFi devices, such as your computer or mobile phone.
  • You must connect your computer to Linksys Extender Setup-XXX (where XXX represents the last three digits of your range extender’s MAC address) in your WiFi list.

NOTE: The MAC address of your computer can be found on the back of your extender.

  • Open a browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and type linksys in the Address bar or URL.
  • NOTE: Try resetting the extender if or don’t function.
  • It will take you to the Linksys Extender Setup page, where you should check the box that says “I approve the end user licence agreement.”
  • It will ask you to build an administration password to secure your extender.
  • It will then ask you if you want to use your range extender as an access point or as an extender.
  • It will then search all of the available networks in your region, prompting you to choose your primary WiFi network and enter the password.
  • The Extender will then appear in your WiFi list, as seen on the Setup page.
  • It takes about 60 seconds for the extender to attach to your router.
  • The Spot Finder will show you the best location for your Linksys RE6500 to be plugged in.
  • To get the best pace, keep this extender away from large appliances.

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Linksys RE6500 Extender Setup| AC1750 – Using WPS button

The simplest way to connect your Linksys RE6500 extender to your home WiFi router is to use WiFi Protected Setup. 

Simply follow the steps below to set up your Linksys RE6500 extender using the WPS method:

  • Attach your Linksys RE6500 to a wall outlet close to your home WiFi router.
  • On the side of your RE6500 extender, press the WPS button.
  • Before continuing, wait for the WPS LED to turn solid green.
  • Remove the Linksys extender from the power outlet and relocate it to a new site.

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